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Get excited! The second phase of the ESCAPE Tampa Bay Tiny House Village, “The Oaks,” is nearing completion. That means that ESCAPE will be offering discounts on a select number of units for presale, starting on March 18th.

You’ll want to mark your calendar and head to this webpage to see the available units on March 18th. The first open house will be on April 1. These homes will be on sale in the low $100Ks and the monthly lot costs are $575- $725, which includes parking, garbage, water, septic, landscaping, ground maintenance & private deck. Contact ESCAPE for more information!

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It’s Almost Time to Buy Your Home at This Village!

The Oaks Tampa Village PreSale March 18 4

Images © ESCAPE

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Here’s a beautiful new Boho that’s extra long at 23 feet. It has beautiful shou sugi ban paneling on the exterior, and inside there’s upgraded flooring. Like all Boho models, there’s no loft. Instead, you get a lovely queen-sized bed under a picture window.

There’s open upper shelving around most of the walls, and the kitchen includes stone countertops, a range, and a spacious refrigerator/freezer. The bathroom has a flush toilet and a fiberglass shower. It’s available now for $61,042.

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Beautiful 23-Foot Boho w/ Shou Sugi Ban Exterior

Beautiful, New Extra Long Boho For Sale Now

Images © ESCAPE

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Here’s the deal of the year on an ESCAPE tiny house! This slightly used ESCAPE ONE model has been recently updated and you can get it for $26K off the regular price.

Like all ONE models, it has beautiful double lofts, a galley kitchen, and a living room with a huge picture window. Enjoy the photos!

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$69,770 Escape Tiny Home For Sale

Major Discount on ESCAPE ONE Model 5 (1)

Images: ESCAPE

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This is the latest unit completed by ESCAPE, their popular Boho XL model, which included lots of “goodies” and special options including a kitchen upgrade and extra counterspace.

Like all Bohos, it has a ground floor-bedroom and this one came with a professional grade Serta mattress for maximum comfort. You’ll find a laundry center, lots of storage, and blinds on all the windows for added privacy.

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“Goody”-Filled BohoXL — UPDATE: Just Sold

Latest Boho XL w Special Options Just Sold

Images by ESCAPE

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Just four miles from the entrance to Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington sits this lovely Vista Boho tiny house built by ESCAPE. The “Nugget’s Tiny House” provides a secluded woodland vacation with all the creature comforts.

There’s a fire pit and large deck outside, and when you get inside you’ll find a studio floor plan with a queen-sized bed, couch, and fully-functional kitchen. The full bathroom has a shower/tub combo and a flush toilet. A mini-split keeps the place cool or warm.

You can rent this piece of paradise on Airbnb here, or contact ESCAPE about getting your own Boho model here.

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Woodland Vacation in this ESCAPE Vista Boho Model.

Nugget’s Tiny House Vista Boho ESCAPE in WA 011

Images via Airbnb

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The ESCAPE One XL is a popular model from ESCAPE Traveler, and this used one is for sale in Long Beach, California. It features a downstairs living space that could double as a ground-floor bedroom, as well as two lofts: One accessible via ladder, and the other via storage stairs.

In the bathroom there’s a flush toilet, washer/dryer combo, and shower, and you’ll find a fully-stocked kitchen with all major appliances included. Big windows let in plenty of light and lovely views if you find a good spot to park it!

They’re asking $69,500 for the build, and it’s RVIA-certified making it eligible for an RV loan. Contact the seller here.

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Get Your Own ESCAPE One XL for $69.5K

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Meet Grace! This is her tiny house on wheels that she lives in with her fiance Ryan and dog Tofu. They settled on the ONE model from ESCAPE and found a gorgeous wooded spot for it to live on the Massachusetts-New Hampshire border.

Grace (@inner.grace on Instagram) works as a yoga instructor and health/mindset coach and her plant-filled home couldn’t feel more peaceful. We interviewed her about her decision to go tiny and her minimalist lifestyle, so be sure to check out the Q&A at the end of the post!

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Grace’s Plant-Filled Oasis Tiny Home in Massachusetts

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This is an extra tall and extra wide ESCAPE One XL model that’s currently for sale.

Unlike most One XLs, this one has steel metal siding with a 45 year warranty. The two lofts upstairs are connected by a hallway, and one of them has room for a king sized bed and both feature ceilings over 5 ft. tall!

The unit is on sale through April 22, and you get $8,200 off the list price, making it $99,820 as pictured. Get all the details here. To contact ESCAPE click here.

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$8,200 Savings on an ESCAPE One XL

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This is the 30-foot ESCAPE Traveler XL Tiny House on Wheels. It’s a gorgeous design with oversized windows and one of our very favorite features… Main-floor sleeping!

The open-concept design makes everything look and feel spacious. The abundance of windows helps with that, too. You have a full kitchen, flex dining area, cozy living area, full bathroom, and plenty of built-in storage nooks. No furniture required to move in! This is a really impressive tiny house design, isn’t it?

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30-Foot ESCAPE Traveler XL Tiny Home on Wheels w/ Main Floor Sleeping

30-Foot ESCAPE Traveler XL Tiny House

Images © escapetraveler.net

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