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Here’s an amazing hand-crafted tiny house that’s for sale in California. Built primarily from reclaimed materials, all the wood inside sealed with just all-natural tung oil, a non-toxic alternative to polyurethanes and stains. Any paint you see is old-fashioned milk paint, and everything is either plywood or real wood — no MDF or particleboard. Finally, the fabrics chosen are natural latex and wool (so watch out if you’re allergic!).

The house design includes a compact corner kitchen and a little wet bath (you provide the composting toilet). There’s a lovely painted table in the middle of the house and a futon in the living room area. A small desk space is set up to allow you to work from home. Finally, you can climb a ladder to the bedroom loft where a skylight gives you views of the stars. You can purchase it for $104K.

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24-Foot Reclaimed Material Tiny Home (Loft Bedroom)

Craftsman Tiny House- Eco-friendly:Non-Toxic

Images via Phillipe

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This compact THOW situated among cattle pasture in Kurrajong, Australia is an eco-friendly getaway complete with solar energy, rainwater collection and still all of the amenities you love.

Inside the tiny house you’ll find an L-shaped eating and lounging area that opens up to the outdoors. The kitchenette provides all the basics, with a gas cooktop, microwave and fridge, and there’s the most lovely loft bedroom with a skylight for stargazing.

You can book your stay and try out tiny living through Airbnb.

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Partially Off-Grid Tiny House Vacation in Australia

Eco-Friendly Tiny Home on the Farm

Images via Airbnb/Jeanette

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Designers, artists and environmentalists Geoff and Rose spent two years taking this 1988 Motorhome and transforming into an eco-friendly and incredibly cozy tiny house!

While the truck still runs they don’t intend to travel in it, but rather have it parked on a 200 acre farm in rural Ontario (they even have their own chickens). Neither Geoff nor Rose have building experience, so they learned as they went and carefully researched everything. They even insulated the whole home with wool they cleaned themselves! Woah.

We got the chance to do a Q&A with Geoff which you can read below the photo tour. They documented the entire build from start to finish on Instagram (@woollymammothtiny) so be sure to follow them to get even more details.

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Couple’s Wooly-Mammoth Motorhome Cabin

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This is the Independent Series 4800 by Designer Eco Tiny Homes.

It includes a cozy breakfast nook/living room, a spacious loft bedroom with a skylight and a compact kitchen and bathroom. A snug tiny house for one or two people who don’t mind ladders.

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Independent Series 4800 by Designer Eco Tiny Homes

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