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This is a beautiful 34-ft. family tiny home originally built by Tiny Heirloom back in January of 2018 that’s available for sale right now. Who knows, it could be the perfect tiny house, and it’s already built for you!

It’s RVIA certified, weighs 17,500 lbs dry, and has too many features to tell you about here, so we’ll just show you (please scroll below to enjoy and learn more).

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They’re Selling This Custom 34-ft. Tiny Home on Wheels (Sold)

Beautiful 34-ft Family Tiny Home For Sale 001

Images © Allison Shea

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This is to let you know that the Solaire Tiny House is available to rent at Escalante Village, a tiny house community in Durango, Colorado.

Want to live here? Well, this SIP-built 28-ft tiny home on wheels may still be available. It’s listed for rent over at the community website as available. Please learn more below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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28-ft. Solaire Tiny House Rental in Durango, Colorado (At Escalante Village) – Annual Lease

28ft Solaire Tiny House For Rent in Durango CO at Escalante Village Annual Lease 001

Images via Escalante Village

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This is a 96-square-foot off-grid tiny house on wheels for sale out of Durango, Colorado for $24,999. It was built in 2015, weighs approximately 6,000lbs, has dutch doors, and is ready to go off-grid.

The tiny house features a composting toilet, propane stove, wood burning stove, and well-insulated floors, ceilings, and walls. It also has granite countertops, energy efficient windows, a custom dutch door, and more.

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Off-Grid 96-Square-Foot Tiny House With Dutch Doors For Sale in Durango, Colorado

Off-Grid Tiny House with Dutch Doors for 25k

Images via Penny/Tiny Home Builders

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