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This is the story of how one woman gradually downsized from a four-bedroom house, to a one-bedroom apartment, and finally to her very own custom-designed and built tiny home on wheels that you see here.

The move to tiny officially started a decade ago in 2005 when Jewel began downsizing. Over the course of ten years, she transitioned into a small one-bedroom apartment. Today she’s happily living tiny in her very own little home on wheels after over a year of designing and planning. Her trailer is 28′ long and an additional 4′ of porch space was added onto it.

When you go inside Jewel’s tiny house you’ll find a desk nook, living area, bedroom loft, den loft, floating staircase, kitchen, large closet, screened-in porch, Juliet balcony, and more! In total, Jewel’s tiny home offers about 330 sq. ft. of space inside. Please enjoy the photo tour and interview below to learn more and help us spread the word to inspire others by re-sharing with your friends at the bottom. Thank you!

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She Designed And Built This Incredible Tiny Home With A Walk-In Closet Too!


Images © Glyn A Stanley

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This is the 18′ version of the Dewdrop Tiny House by Zyl Vardos which offers about 144 sq. ft. of space inside. It’s another incredible design/build by the amazing carpenter/artist and founder of Zyl Vardos, Abel Zimmerman Zyl.

Zyl specializes in artistically designed and built tiny homes with handmade windows, doors, and curved rooflines. And with the Dewdrop, it’s no different. So I’m pleased, honored, and excited to show it to you here. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

144 Sq. Ft. Dewdrop Tiny House by Zyl Vardos

Dewdrop Tiny House by Zyl Vardos 001

Images © Zyl Vardos

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I’m excited to introduce you to the Tiny Giant House project.

It’s definitely one of the most creative tiny house designs and builds I’ve ever seen and although it’s almost completed it’s still a work in progress as I write this to you.

One of the most notably unique features is the built-in chicken coop. Yes! A tiny house on wheels with an onboard chicken coop! And hold your horses because there’s even more creative goodness when you go inside. It’s definitely a must-see. Please enjoy and re-share it with your tiny house friends below because I think they’ll enjoy it too. Thanks!

Creative Tiny Giant House on Wheels

Tiny Giant House 007

Images © TinyGiantHouse

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