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Emma and Justin fell in love at 15, and as high school graduation loomed, were trying to decide what to do next. College? Stay home with their parents? Neither option sounded fun, but they saw van/bus conversions all over YouTube and thought that was their best course of action.

While they spent $6,000 more than they thought they would, and it took months longer, the end results of their bus conversion are truly stunning. There’s a wet bath, a kitchen with plenty of counter space, and even room for a mini art studio for Emma’s creations. Plus, this couple is adorable! Enjoy their tour below.

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They Transformed This Short Bus into an Amazing Home

Artist and Web Designer on the Road at 18 Years Old 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Remember Jesse? The 17-year-old who was living in a tent (on purpose) and decided to build his own cabin from reclaimed materials? Well, it’s been five years since Florb’s last interview with Jesse, and guess what — Jesse is still living in his DIY cabin, now with girlfriend Jayne.

They’ve made plenty of adjustments to the cabin to make it couple-friendly, but they’ve also taken advantage of the land they’re on by building a screen house, sauna and pizza oven to expand their living space. It’s quite the awesome off-grid set up!

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Their Off-Grid Set-Up with Cabin, Sauna & Screen House

He Built This Cabin at 17 – 5 Year Update (He has a GF Now!) 4

Images by FLORB/YouTube

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This Japanese architect purchased a tiny plot of land in Tokyo and created this amazing tiny home for him and his wife. It’s 18 square meters (around 200 square feet) large, and despite the tiny size, the architect says they aren’t living “minimally.” He made space for a large fridge for his wife, as well as for his 300 books and their 300 vinyl records!

The unique roofline is what really makes this tiny house stand out. There are two different skylights at alternating heights that allow beams of light to shine in throughout the day. The best part? This adorable couple seem absolutely in love!

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They fit 300 Vinyls & 300 Books in Their Tiny House

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This Baluchon build was created for Estelle, Gaëtan and their cat Mina, who live in this tiny house all year round in Loire-Atlantique, France. The couple chose a design with two connected lofts in case they ever add a baby to their family!

The 20-foot trailer includes everything you could want for a little family — a compact living space, a kitchen with plenty of room for making healthy meals, and a spacious bathroom. What do you think?

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Tiny House Designed to Grow with this Family

Tiny house Perseverance

Images via Baluchon

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Mark and Billie have some pretty lofty goals — to live on their bus, working and traveling, while saving up enough money to be completely financially independent and retire early! Wow!

Their school bus conversion features an amazing raised roof, which allowed them to hide their water tank under the floor and *still* have headroom. It also made their shower a great height for not needing to slouch.

You’ll love their video tour and interview with Tiny Home Tours! Check it out below.

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This Couple Chose #BusLife to become Financially Independent

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Roman & Ioana got started on their minimalist journey simply doing weekend caravan trips. Soon that turned into van-life-ing it across Europe. After all that, they wanted to continue living small and decided to build their own tiny house!

They focused on making it a sustainable, off-grid home that’s good for them and for the environment! This endeavor even made them start up a small business to help others build their tinies as well — so awesome. Oh, and did I mention they have no mortgage?

Thanks to James D. for sharing this with us! You can follow the couple on Instagram here.

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Their Off-Grid DIY Tiny House in Switzerland

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