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This is the 40ft High Cube Shipping Container Tiny House with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom. The dimensions are 40ft x 8ft x 9.5ft and hooks up to city utilities for water, power, and sewer shared with us today thanks to Brian Hawkins @tinyhousemovement on Instagram.

It sold for $69,000, ships worldwide, and is built from a brand new container instead of a refurbished one. There are steel studs in the walls for the interior framing, too, for example. This one is headed to East Zion Experiences to be used as a rental near the Zion National Park in Utah. What do you think? Learn more below.

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40ft High Cube Shipping Container Tiny House for $80k

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This is the Cube One Tiny House by Nestron.

It’s designed in Singapore, built in Shenzhen, China, and available to ship worldwide. What do you think?

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Prefab Cube One Tiny House by Nestron


Images © Nestron

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This is the story of a $25k expanding shipping container tiny house that’s available to order on Amazon.

It’s from a Chinese company called Hebei Weizhengheng Modular House Tech Co., or WZH Group for short. They’re headquartered near Beijing and sell the expandable tiny homes with solar panels for $23,800 plus $1,000 in shipping with other more expensive models too.

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The $25k PREFAB Container Tiny House on Amazon…

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When an architecture student in China became frustrated with his dorm room he decided to design and build his own 75 sq. ft. tiny house.

It’s a micro home that somehow packs a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and patio. Hard to imagine at just 75-square-feet.

Student Designs and Builds Micro House

To me the design is a mashup of several tiny houses I’ve seen around the Internet.

It’s got the interior wood that I really like. And most of the furniture transforms much like in many RVs and even like some of the transforming apartments we’ve seen lately.

But unlike many RVs this micro house is all about quality. See for yourself below…

75 SQ FT Tiny House in China

China Student's Tiny House 75 sq ft

See the rest of the photos of this tiny house below:

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