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This is the story of how a husband and wife quit their jobs, sold their stuff, bought a van, and converted it into a DIY RV.

Now they’ve been traveling in it for about 6 months while maintaining a travel blog called Get Some Adventures.

After they’re done traveling, they plan on buying land and building their own tiny home. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Couple Build Their Own DIY Sprinter RV to Travel in Full Time

Couples Get Some Adventures DIY Sprinter RV 1

Images © GetSomeAdventures.com

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This is the story of how two artists from the UK left the busy London life for van dwelling after graduating from art school.

We are two artists from the UK who in July last year left the busy London life behind us to live in and to explore Europe and beyond. After graduating from Camberwell College of Arts with degrees in Fine Art in 2013, we moved out of our flat in London and traded the flat keys for a set of van keys, which we converted into our new home.

Artist Couple Leave London for Van Dwelling

London Artists Leave Flat for Van Dwelling 001

Images © makingitupaswegoalong.com

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If you love camping and getting back into nature whenever possible, this DIY micro camper might be the project you’ve been looking for.

And you can build it for only $700! It functions a lot like a teardrop camper since it’s a micro travel trailer that you can build on a small utility trailer.

Since it’s relatively lightweight you can even tow it with a car! And all of your camping gear can be stored inside when you’re not using it. This makes it really easy because you can just pretty much tow and go. And once you get to your campsite, set up is pretty easy. A lot easier than setting up a tent, right? And for novice builders, this is a great project to start on before building a tiny house on wheels, don’t you think?

How to Build a $700 Micro Camper

How to Build a $700 Micro Camper

Images © Karl Kilburn/Instructables

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See how this 25 year old man, Robin Raindropcatcher, moved into a van that he converted into a mobile shelter after losing his job.

Now while living in only 50 sq. ft. he shares what it’s like living in his van, his struggles, hopes, and more, as Kirsten Dirksen and the team at Faircompanies takes us into his life.

Please enjoy and re-share Robin and his cheap RV living lifestyle below. Thank you.

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25 Year Old’s Van Dwelling Lifestyle


Images © Faircompanies

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With an asking price of only $2,000 this 1994 Chevy Gladiator G20 van for sale seems like a great deal to get started on your own DIY van camper.

Plus the listing says it only has 44,000 original miles on it. The back seats are already missing so if you’re wanting to use it to turn into a van dwelling camper this could be a great find especially if you’re near Phoenix.

The listing also says it runs perfectly and is in very good condition. Could you imagine turning it into your own tiny camper van for a road trip or for cheap RV living? Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.

1994 Chevy Gladiator G20 Van For Sale


Images © Craigslist

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I thought this tiny housetruck might be a potential tiny house project.

It’s a 1973 Dodge Sportsman Van that was being used as a circus van for 30 years.

Right now it’s for sale on Craigslist with an asking price of only $1800. The listing says,

1973 Dodge Sportsman Van
360 V8 Engine
Runs and looks good! Finally retired after 30yrs of being a circus van

Dodge Sportsman Van turned to Tiny Housetruck


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When Sam Jacquette was paying $1100 a month in rent and working at a job that he didn’t enjoy just to pay his bills he decided he would make some changes.

He set a 2014 New Year’s resolution to stop doing things he didn’t enjoy doing and to start doing everything he wanted to do. And making this 1985 Volkswagen Westfalia van his home on wheels would be the first step.

After buying it, he got rid of his apartment, quit his job, and has been living in it and focusing on his New Year’s resolution. To do so, he’s decided to only keep his “top 5 favorites” of just about all of his possessions. His wardrobe, for example, is very minimal.

As for work goes, now he’s doing something more in line with his passion since he’s able to afford to make the decision after the drastic downsize. He now works for Hofmann Architecture helping to restore Airstream travel trailers. And Sam’s goal is to upgrade into an Airstream in the near future.

Young Man Moves Into 1985 VW Van to Create His Own Destiny


Images © Faircompanies

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Right now I’d like to show you a little van that has been rehabbed into a micro motorhome perfect for stealth van dwelling with a Japanese zen style.

I can see it being used for stealthy traveling but it can also serve a variety of purposes like a space for meditation, writing poetry, or just about anything else you might be able to think of.

Take the complete tour below because I think you’ll enjoy it and it’s definitely different than a lot of van conversions that I’ve seen before. And there’s a video tour, too. Enjoy!

Van Converted into Japanese Zen Van Dwelling Micro Motorhome


Images © YouTube/higuti itio

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Hi Alex (and Tiny House Newsletter readers). I’ve been a subscriber to Tiny House Talk for a while and have often wondered why there weren’t more people celebrating living tiny in trailers such as an Airstream. I’m a semi – retired builder and designer, I specialized in Earth, Straw, and other appropriate building materials, and have been a proponent of small houses for many years.

I’ve built quite a few and lived in “alternative” housing much of my adult life, buses, trailers, barns, and tiny houses. A few years ago we ended up living in a suburban house so as to care for my wife Nicky’s ailing mother; our then 23yr old daughter pointed out that it was the first time in her life she’d seen us living in an ‘ordinary’ house.

Maybe it was this statement that prompted us to look forward and make plans for when we could move on. We considered buses, trucks and tiny houses on wheels and decided that we wanted a trailer, as its prime function was to travel easily throughout NZ, on both highways and more remote rural roads, and to park up for extended periods if we, or work, called for it. We also had an interest in simplifying and minimalism, a process we haven’t regretted.

Couple Downsize into a DIY Airstream Tiny Home


Images © Bob Gilkison

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