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This is the Le Lumaca Mini Casa Tiny House which is for sale. The asking price was C$74,500 but has been reduced to C$59,900.

It’s located in Chateauguay, QC, Quebec. It’s an 8’6″ wide by 20′ long tiny house on a trailer. Learn more below!

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Le Lumaca Tiny House by Mini Casa

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This is the Red River Bunkie in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

The cabin is 2-storeys high, it measures 27′ long x 14′ wide x 18′ tall, and it weighs 12,000 lbs. The structure sits on a raft made that’s made with 11 polyethylene-covered styrofoam floats that provide 32,000 lbs of buoyancy.

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27-ft. Floating Tiny Cabin in Bobcaygeon, Ontario

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This is the story of a Canadian farmer and filmmaker’s off-grid cabin life.

He shares his life over on Instagram @canadiancastaway and over on his YouTube Channel, Canadian Castaway where he shows you how he builds, farms, films, and enjoys nature.

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His Off-Grid Cabin Life in Canada, Canadian Castaway

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The @tinyhomebigfarm is a 27-foot long tiny house on wheels with a unique floating staircase and a beautiful interior design that incorporates lots of local art and thrifted pieces. The tiny house is on Airbnb and it’s parked in a stunning setting on one of the oldest peach farms in Canada.  It’s set up as a pet-friendly mental health and wellness getaway and we can’t imagine a better place to reconnect with yourself and with nature.  Especially with the hammock, deck & beautiful garden, not to mention the peach orchard!

Beautiful Tiny House Vacation on one of the oldest Peach Farms in Canada


Image © Exploring Alternatives

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When his customers needed a little outhouse, he was there to build it for them.

This is a unique, quirky, whimsical, and little outhouse built by @k.knack (Instagram) somewhere on Salt Spring Island (BC, Canada). This is the same builder who built this awesome micro cabin with bump-out wings seen here. Looks to me like a very nice place to go potty. I would certainly enjoy it! Is that wrong to say? What do you think? How do you like it?

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Quick Outhouse Build on Salt Spring Island

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This is a Laneway House designed by Robert Johnson Architect in New Westminster, BC.

Because of zoning bylaws and site space, this modern house is only 501 sq. ft. The main floor consists of the living/dining/kitchen space and a bathroom (328 sq ft) and upstairs there’s a single bedroom and closet (173 sq ft.).

Enjoy the photo tour below and read what Robert Johnson says about this design at the end!

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Small 501 Sq. Ft. House on Land in British Columbia

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