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Jonluc and Jackie took on the awesome project of renovating this 1993 camper that was filled with water damage. It was a challenge to take something meant for transient weekend travel and transform it into a sturdy full-time home. But they did a great job!

Like most Class C travel trailers, their bed is over the cab area. They took out the dated dinette and created slipcovers for the outdated fabrics. They do have a shower but use it for storage. Check out the build below!

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Thrifted Decor in this Toyota Motorhome Renovation

DIY Beautifully Renovated 1993 RV 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is a 2016 Ford Transit Connect Camper Van Conversion.

The seller’s grandpa bought the van and converted it shortly after his wife passed away. He used it to travel with his dog. Now his grandson is helping him sell it because he recently built a house and no longer uses it. Take the full tour, learn more about it below, and let us know what you think of it in the comments. Would you travel around the country in a vehicle like this?

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He Turned This 2016 Ford Transit Connect Into His Custom Campervan! It Has Solar And All!

Grandpas Ford Transit DIY Camper Conversion For Sale 001

Images © Sam Gullett

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