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This is a 1008-sq.-ft. two-bedroom cottage with a covered porch. When you include the living space alone, it’s an 896-sq.-ft. home.

It’s called the Gras and it’s designed by The Small House Catalog, where you can get the plans.

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Modern Cottage With Two-Bedrooms by The Small House Catalog

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This epic DIY truck house is 8′ long x 6′ wide and sits on the flatbed of a 1996 Ford F-350.

It was designed and built by Timmy from Truck House Life as a full-time home on wheels for his adventurous lifestyle in Alaska.

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Living Off-Grid In A DIY Overland Truck Cabin

Camper Truck House Life - Exterior - Exploring Alternatives

Image © Truck House Life

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Looking for somewhere interesting to stay in Florida? Here is a tree house cabin in the woods of Kissimmee, Florida.

Technically it may not be considered a tree house, but some tree-lovers will be relieved by the fact that it’s on stilts. Either way, it seems like a pretty cool place to stay near Orlando, Florida that definitely feels like a tree house! What do you think? Want to stay here? You can…

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Tree House Cabin Near Orlando, Florida

Tree House Cabin On Stilts In The Woods Near Orlando FL via Chris-Airbnb 001

Images via Chris/Airbnb

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Located in Cobb, California, the Cobb Haus is a lovely cottage tucked in the pines with a large deck and open interior. While the exterior of the cabin looks very traditional, inside you’ll find white-painted wood that makes the place feel modern and bright.

There’s an open-concept living/dining/kitchen space complete with a farmhouse kitchen table and a comfy couch surrounded by window views. Then there’s a 3/4 bathroom and a spacious single bedroom for the perfect romantic getaway.

I think I could live here full-time — what about you?

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Cozy Cabin with Outdoor Shower and Large Deck

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This is a $15,000 barn shed tiny house.

The structure is 12-ft. wide by 28.5-ft. long, 342-sq.-ft., and it’s for sale out of Springfield, Ohio for $15,000. What do you think? Is it a good deal? Does it seem well-built to you? Would you live in a barn cabin like this?

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Barn Shed Tiny House For $15,000 in Ohio

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This is a 254-sq.-ft. park model bunk cabin.

It’s an 11’10” wide x 21’6″ long unit with an optional 6′ covered porch. It’s the ATH-01 by Park-Model-Homes.com.

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254-sq.-ft. Tiny Bunk Cabin With Slanted Roof

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