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This is the story of Anthony Davies’ basic summer cottage re-build. It’s a 450-sq.-ft. tiny home that was originally built without water or electricity in Vilnius, Lithuania, but all of that is about to change with a big make-over adding electricity and water to the cottage.

Believe it or not, this tiny house has been used by the family for 4 generations. Talk about using what you have! How awesome is that? I don’t know about you, but I love family history being commemorated in this way. It’s really special. Anyway, please scroll to enjoy and learn more about this wonderful little cottage story.

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450-sq.-ft. Small House, Used For 4 Generations

450-sq-ft Small House Used For 4 Generations Remodeled 001

© Anthony Davies

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This is a very unique cabin that almost blends right into the scenery because of the large floor to ceiling windows. The tiny home literally looks like a large mirrored box! It’s located in Jõelähtme, Estonia, which is in Northern Europe, just south of Finland.

When you look at the cabin though, you can see the reflection of the scenery gaze back at you. How incredible and unique is that! This tiny home is a vacation spot by ÖÖD Hötels Jõeranna so you can actually book a stay here via Anne over at this Airbnb listing. Take a look below and let us know what you think in the comments, please!

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This Tiny House Looks Like A Huge Mirrored Box!

Estonia Tiny House Looks Like Mirrored Box 001

Images via Anne/Airbnb

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What do you think of studio-style cabins? This romantic getaway in Tennessee is a stunning log cabin right on a river, with an open floor plan.

In one corner of the cabin is a comfortable king-size bed, and right next to it is a large jacuzzi tub. There’s also a lounge corner with a gas fireplace and a fully-equipped kitchen with a dining area. Outside on the deck, you’ll have water views, as well as a hot tub to relax in!  Book your stay on Airbnb.

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Quaint and Quiet Log Cabin Getaway in TN


Images via Airbnb/Cathy

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This is the Smitten, a tiny-ish cabin in Rock Hollow at the Appleton Retreat, the same property where you can also find this beautiful tiny tree house built 20-ft. in the air that we featured recently.

SMITTEN is a off grid, beautifully constructed western red cedar cabin. A gorgeous bathroom features a cast iron clawfoot tub.

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Smitten, An Off-Grid Cabin In Rock Hollow

Smitten Off-Grid Cabin in Rock Hollow at The Appleton Retreat via Peter Airbnb 001

Images via Peter/Airbnb

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This is the eXpanse tiny house (2.0) by Tiny Heirloom. This little house is not built on wheels, instead it’s built on skids.

It’s designed to be multi-purpose. Meaning, one could use it as an accessory dwelling unit, a tiny home, a guest house, an office, or an AirBnB. It lives like a small one-bedroom apartment (300-sq.-ft.) and starts at $79,900. Learn more below!

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The eXpanse Tiny House on Skids by Tiny Heirloom… Has First Floor Bedroom

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This is the Escape Space CLASSIC located at the Escape Tampa Bay Tiny House Village near Tampa, Florida.

Since it doesn’t have its own bathroom or running water, this unit comes paired with one of the lots in the community. Currently, only one of these are available in the village. It’s a perfect little retreat or private workspace, great for the current COVID-19 situation. By the way, you can always order your own Escape Space CLASSIC to have delivered to your current location. Also, there is a community center with two available desks. Learn more below.

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Escape Space CLASSIC Micro Cabin/Retreat at Escape Tampa Bay Tiny House Village…

Escape Space Thoreau-like Micro Cabin at Escape Tampa Bay Tiny House Village 001

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