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This is the Wanderlust Tiny House by Indigo River Tiny Homes. It was built for a single mom and her young daughter.

It’s a 32-ft split-level tiny home on wheels with large bathroom with soaking tub! Learn more below.

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32-ft Wanderlust Tiny House on Wheels by Indigo River Tiny Homes

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This is a 900-sq.-ft. prefab small house by Orbit Homes that’s designed to be used as a guest house, ADU, granny flat, in-law suite, pool house, art studio, writer’s cabin, temporary housing, or backyard office/storage.

The Moon Model is 900-sq.-ft. and offers 2-bedrooms and 2-bathrooms. It’s modern, contemporary, prefabricated, and customizable.

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Two Bedroom Modern Prefab Small House by Orbit Homes

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This is the story of Penny. She’s a 77-year-old who sold half of her stuff to simplify into a tiny home on wheels with a main-floor bedroom.

Penny lives in a tiny house community that’s on the coast of Oregon. She loves her kitchen and downstairs bedroom, but doesn’t like her loft even though she doesn’t sleep up there, she still uses that space for storage and there’s also a doggy treadmill up there too! So she’s actually selling her tiny house so that she can get a new one. Learn more below!

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77-year-old’s Main-Floor Tiny Home on Wheels

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This is the story of a single mother and her daughter living in a tiny house in a Lake Dallas Tiny Home Community. Their tiny house was built by Indigo River Tiny Homes.

Isn’t it great how communities like this are continuing to rise all over the country? I think so. Anyway, Micah and her daughter Ryan live in this tiny house with their pets too! The plan is to gift the tiny home to her daughter when she’s ready for college, so she won’t have to rent a dorm room. Pretty cool, right?

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Single Mother/Daughter Tiny House Living in Texas Tiny Home Community

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This is the story and tour of the Bradford 26ft tiny house by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

When the financing for one of their customer’s build fell through, it was a bummer because they had already built the shell and it felt like a big waste. Fortunately, a military veteran from northern Idaho contacted RMTH who wanted a very similar tiny house build so they were able to use the shell and customize it for the new customer. Hence, the 26-ft. Bradford THOW that you see here! It’s always nice when things end up working out in the end, isn’t it? With a little extra faith and some effort, you can always turn the tide back your way.

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26ft Bradford Tiny House by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses

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This custom tiny house was designed built by Summit Tiny Homes for Liza (pronounced Lisa) who was looking for an affordable cottage to enjoy with her two daughters in the short term, and for a home she could relax and retire in later on.  She called it The Magnolia after her mom’s favourite tree.

Her Tiny House Can Sleep Up To 9 People!

Magnolia Tiny House Tour 1

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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