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No matter what, moving into a tiny house on wheels requires some sacrifices. But if a luxurious shower experience is something on your “must-have” list, then the 300 square foot Orchid from New Frontier Tiny Homes should be on your short-list. Designer David Latimer (@davidlatimer_ on Instagram) managed to include a full-size shower in this 32-foot model.

This THOW sleeps four: Two in the king-sized loft and two in a pull-out sofa bed on the main level. The LED valance lighting is warm and dimmable and the skylights, french doors, and garage-door window let plenty of natural light in during the day. Please enjoy the photo tour below, and be sure to check out more from New Frontier Tiny Homes.

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The Orchid: A Tiny House on Wheels with a Full-Size Shower!

402 Brick Path Ln The Orchid-print-003-10-Orchid-4200×2804-300dpi

© New Frontier Tiny Homes/StudioBuell Photography

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This is to to give you a sneak peek and let you know about the up and coming Tampa Bay ESCAPE Village that’s opening soon in 2020. Update: More pics added, including a map of the village. 

You’ll be able to live here full time or part time and first units will be available soon see below how to get on the list for the pre-sale, if you’re interested. Learn more below!

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Tampa Bay ESCAPE Village Tiny House Community in Florida!

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This is a tiny house on wheels that’s listed via Zillow out of Olympia, Washington. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include land, just the tiny house for $65,000.

It’s a very nicely decorated tiny house with an interesting layout and a surprisingly nice bathroom with a tub. It looks very luxurious to me! What do you think?

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Tiny House w/ Luxurious Bath for $65k on Zillow

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This is the One XL Wide Tiny House on Wheels from Escape. It’s wider than the standard version so you get more space overall throughout. Even though, I must say, the standard width Escape tiny homes feel just fine inside. But a little extra space can be nice, especially if you’re sharing your tiny house with others.

So once you take a look at it below, you can see the extra space right away. It’s nice to see this extra wide option from Escape isn’t it? So what do you think of this new option from Escape? Do you like it? Would you buy it?

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Escape One XL Wide Tiny House

Escape ONE XL Wide Tiny House 001

Images © Escape

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This is a two bedroom two bathroom tiny house by Escape. It’s something new that they have never done before and the floor plan features two bedrooms and two bathrooms on the main level. It’s the Escape Mobile Home. This one is headed to the Tampa Bay Village which is opening soon. This is a one-off design/build, there’s only one, and it will be available on sale soon.

This tiny home features the quality craftsmanship and style that ESCAPE is known for, but in a larger package for more spaciousness which makes it more practical for a lot of people since it lives like a two-bedroom, two-bath home. It also features a large kitchen, beautiful sliding glass doors, and nicely appointed built-ins and storage throughout. This floor plan just works, doesn’t it? Scroll down below for the full experience, there’s even a video tour. Enjoy!

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The Escape Mobile Home…  A Two-Bedroom, Two-Bath Tiny Home on Wheels! It’s a Park Model Built Like A Cabin

Escape Mobile Home a Two-Bedroom Two-Bath Tiny Home on Wheels via ESCAPE 001


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This is Rubia tiny house on wheels from Little Byron out of Byron Bay, Australia.

It’s 6m long, 2.5m wide, and 4.3m high from the ground, which is approximately an 8×20 tiny house in feet. What do you think?

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Rubia Tiny House from Little Byron

Rubia Tiny House By Little Byron Australia 001

Images via Little Byron

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