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Nestled deep within nature and surrounded by a lush man-made pond this totem style cabin is a guest house oasis. Henry Yorke Mann, architect, designed this small cabin for clients who wanted to give their guests an experience they would not forget among the 10-acre property in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

Once inside you will notice there is a skylight that runs the length of the home at the peak of the roof. This feature gives so much sunlight inside the wooded cabin.

There is a fireplace that divides the home from the living and dining area in the front half and the kitchen and bathroom in the back corners. With the sleeping loft above.

The owners decided to stay in the cabin a few times and soon discovered they were ready to downsize from their 5,000 sq. ft. home to the 400 sq. ft. Totem cabin.

Check out the inside of this cabin in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

400 Sq. Ft. Cabin in Mountains of British Columbia


Images © Stuart Bish

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This 7’5″ by 18″ Acorn 2 tiny home for sale is designed and built by Nelson Tiny Houses in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

It has a front covered porch, gable roof, dormers, and the porch folds up for travel. Inside you’ll find a shower, RV flush toilet, kitchen with double sink, oven, marine grade heater, an upstairs sleeping loft, solar kit, and more.

The flooring has R30 insulation and the walls have R20. There’s LED lighting throughout to conserve energy. Learn more, take the tour, watch the video, and if interested see the links below.

Acorn 2 Tiny Home For Sale by Nelson Tiny Houses


Images © Nelson Tiny Houses

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I’ve been wanting to share these little A-frame cabins with you on the sunshine coast of British Columbia for quite a while now.

They’re submitted anonymously from one of our wonderful readers and are on a property with a total of 5 A-frame cabins.

The one I’m showing you here has recently been renovated with a little bit of paint. Soon, the kitchen will be modernized.

And since the owner/dweller is getting a little bit too old for stairs, they’re planning on building an extension for a bedroom so they don’t have to crawl into bed anymore using a ladder. I hope you enjoy this small A-frame cabin and that it inspires you towards the right size home for you. As always, feel free to re-share using the share buttons below if you want to and share your thoughts about it in the comments too.

Community of Little A-frame Cabins on the Sunshine Coast of BC


I hope you enjoy the tour of this beautiful little A-frame cabin below along with a quick look at the other 4 cabins on the property too:

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Ever wonder if there are any tiny houses in Canada?

If so good news because in this post I’m introducing you to a builder in the Nelson area.

Builder of Tiny Houses in Canada

I had a chance to speak with one of the owners, Seth, over the phone and he seems like a great guy.

I also received some photos from his business partner, Tom, to share with you. Hope you enjoy!


This particular model is called the “V” and it stands for versatile because the home is super compact and efficient.

Enjoy the rest of the photos and the video below:

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Meet Brendon and Akua who built a 500-square-foot small house in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The home was designed and constructed with the help of Smallworks Studios / Laneway Housing in Vancouver.

A while back we featured Paula and Skip’s 500-square-foot home from Smallworks Studios which you may also like. Brendon and Akua went with Laneway’s West Coast Loft model which features a loft bedroom, luxurious kitchen, living area with balcony, and a garage.

They built it in Brendon’s parent’s backyard so they didn’t have to buy additional land. Since it has a flat roof you can easily add solar panels or even a living roof.

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Couple’s 500-Square-Foot Small House

Couple's 500-Square-Foot Small House

Photo Credits Brendon and Akua of http://buildsmall.blogspot.com

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