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Back in 2018, Jasper had two choices: Van Life or Homelessness. He managed to find a box truck and outfit it to make it a home, but as soon as he got back on his feet he returned to “sticks and bricks.” That’s when he found himself quite unhappy and decided to revamp his box truck and make it an awesome condo on wheels.

Since this video aired, Jasper and his partner actually purchased a fifth wheel RV since they’re expecting a baby! Pretty cool that he’s still enjoying a nomadic life even as their family is growing. Still, his box truck conversion was (is) really neat and even included a full PC gaming area.

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From Homelessness to Epic Box Truck Condo

His Box Truck Condo with Full PC Gaming Set Up 10

Images by FLORB

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This awesome couple were no strangers to #vanlife — they had spent a couple years living in a van in New Zealand and working in permaculture. When they moved back to the states, they started looking all over for the perfect vehicle to make into home sweet home.

They proved that a box truck can be an excellent base for a home on wheels! Allysa and Harry purchased a 1990 Ford E350 Econoline box truck, and outfitted it with everything, including an awesome elevator bed, and a wet bath complete with a waterproof toilet paper holder.

Both of them work remotely, and have plans to find the perfect land to transform into an off-grid homestead someday. Awesome!

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Box Truck w/ Elevator Bed, Toilet & Shower!

Couple’s DIY Box Truck Conversion for Visiting National Parks. 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Vaughn, like so many others, was ready to stop wasting money on LA rent month after month. He took the plunge and bought a box truck which he has made into a fantastic home — and he dreams of someday building his own shipping container house.

Inside his big green machine you’ll find a spacious shower with a dry flush toilet, and what he considers the quickest bed set-up in a vehicle ever — his Murphy bed which flips down in under 3 seconds.

Vaughn says he wants to be an inspiration to other men of color that they, too, can enjoy the travel/van/truck lifestyle. Enjoy his video tour below!

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Vaughn Unleashes His Creative Side in His Truck Home!

His Bright Green Truck Home w Shower and Murphy Bed! 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Meet Bronte: Last summer she was working 6 jobs to pay for an apartment that she was rarely at because she worked so much! That’s when she had the idea to hit the road. She looked into vans and buses, but when she found this old electrician box truck for sale, she knew it was the perfect home for her and her cats.

She renovated the box truck herself, even tackling some electrical wiring! Because of the pandemic, she was able to find remote work, so she can support herself, travel, and enjoy her home on wheels.

Be sure to watch the video with Tiny Home Tours below! Follow her on Instagram here.

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Her Life on the Road: 2001 Chevy Express Box Truck Home

Her DIY Box Truck Tiny House – Giving Up The 9-5 For A Home On Wheels

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Rhett traveled the US on his motorcycle for a couple of years before meeting Ashley. He lived with just three backpacks of stuff he could fit on his ride! With Ashley came two adorable dogs, so they upgraded to this amazing box truck which they transformed into a home on a budget.

Ashley calls Rhett a “tinkerer,” saying he loves to see what he can do with the fewest materials possible. You see that clearly in their minimalist build, which includes a stand-up desk on a pulley system and a bed that folds down with some Rhett engineering. The whole home uses recycled materials to make a perfect space for the couple and their dogs.

Be sure to check out the video tour with Tiny Home Tours below, and follow them on Instagram here.

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Their 1997 Ford e450 Super Duty Box Truck Turned Tiny Home

Budget Stealth Box Truck Living: Recycled Materials

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Charlotte and Ken wanted to hit the road, so they purchased a 14-year-old box truck and transformed it into their home on wheels! They got in touch with us to share their story, which you can read after the photo tour of their home.

What I love about this conversion is that they did it on a budget, and included a Murphy bed system that transforms their living room into a bedroom at night. They also have a spacious kitchen, complete with an oven and stove.

Plus, their build has a shower and a composting toilet, so they never need to stop at the gym to get clean (or pee outside). Hope you enjoy the photos and their 30-second video tour below. Follow them on Instagram @offthemainroad_.

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Box Truck Conversion With Murphy Bed

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This is a ’95 Chevy G30 Box Truck RV conversion for sale.

Asking price is $5,999 and it’s currently located in Cape Coral, Florida.

Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

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’95 Chevy G30 Box Truck RV For Sale

95 Chevy G30 DIY Box Truck Motorhome RV For Sale 001

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Bill and Becky Goddard run Rustic Campers, a business dedicated to turning your camper, van and/or motorhome into the home sweet tiny home of your dreams. The couple has even turned a box truck into their own tiny home on wheels.

While many may think it impossible to live exclusively in a small motor home, Bill and Becky make the impossible very possible with their beautiful transformations. Take their converted Box Truck Camper, for example. Using locally sourced wood for most of the accents of their tiny dwelling, Bill and Becky created a practical living space complete with a fully functional kitchen, sitting area with breakfast nook, and bunk beds for a comfortable nights sleep. Becky, also the cofounder of the recycling textile business ‘Pretty Rubbish’ tries to only use natural fabrics such as cotton, wool and other recycled fabrics when picking out the upholstery for each of the custom camper vans.

Bill and Becky take pride in their creations and love to work closely with each of their clients to make sure that they leave as happy campers. Each project they work on is unique in it’s own way and customized to the customers liking and preferences. The Goddard’s are based in Welsh, border town of Presteigne.

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Couple Turn Box Truck into Tiny Home


Images © Rustic Campers

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