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This video-based post covers Andrew Morrison’s speech on how to create your freedom at the 2015 Tiny House Jamboree.

Andrew offers some wonderful ideas that I know you’ll find helpful when it comes to considering living tiny, downsizing, letting go of your stuff, becoming debt-free, shopping habits, building tiny, and/or designing tiny because most importantly he teaches you how to do it your way.

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How to Create Your Freedom (Tiny Or Not)

creating your freedom speech with Andrew Morrison

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One year ago Darin Zaruba of EcoCabins approached Andrew Morrison of Tiny House Build at a TEDx conference in Colorado Springs and since then they have created a wonderful friendship and partnership.

After just about a full year of designing, testing, and re-engineering, EcoCabins is now able to build you either a 24′ or a 28′ model of the Morrison Tiny hOMe on Wheels with pricing starting at $54,900 and $59,900 respectively. And I’m excited to announce that the first three hOMe models have already sold and EcoCabins is ready to take new orders.

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Morrison Tiny hOMes Now Available by EcoCabins

Morrison tiny hOMe built by EcoCabins 001

Images © TinyHouseBuild.com/EcoCabins.com

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I’m excited to show you how this couple built their own tiny home in 4 months for only $22k.

Back in 2014 I interviewed them and got to show you a photo tour of their tiny house on wheels.

If you already haven’t, meet Andrew and Gabriella Morrison. And check out their tiny “hOMe” on a trailer that they designed and built themselves below. You’ll get to see how they designed and built a tiny house with a relatively big kitchen, an office, two lofts, tons of storage, and more.

And if you like their design enough (it’s pretty well thought out, isn’t it?) they offer a set of plans so you can build it yourself along with a DVD on how to build tiny. Pretty cool, right?

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Couple Builds Tiny Home in 4 Months for $22k

Couple Builds Tiny Home in 4 Months for $22k

Images © TinyHouseBuild

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You’ve already seen Andrew and Gabriella’s amazing tiny hOMe on wheels, right?

It’s a tiny house that they designed and custom built for themselves to live in full time with no mortgage.

Andrew and Gabriella also run Tiny House Build where they offer plans, teach tiny building, and more.

Recently, Andrew spoke at a TEDx conference about the tiny house movement.

Now, they’re excited to announce that you can order one of their tiny hOMes from Eco Cabins who they have partnered with for building tiny homes.

So just in case you’re not much of a DIY person, or you’re too busy to take on such a huge project, this is another option to have a tiny house built for you.

Eco Cabins Manufacturer Building Tiny hOMe on Wheels


Images © Tiny House Build

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Andrew Morrison and his wife, Gabriella, live in a 207 sq. ft. modern tiny house on wheels that has an additional 110 sq. ft. in loft space.

They not only live in it, but they also work out of it. It’s a tiny house design they created called hOMe. They live in it completely debt-free and it has afforded them some valuable extra time and money for the more important parts of life (family and travel just to name a couple).

Morrison has been a builder for over 20 years and has been teaching others how to build since 2004. Right now I’m inviting you to enjoy his recent TED Talk in Colorado on the tiny house movement where you can explore how you might fit into the tiny house movement and the benefits you can experience by doing so.

Andrew Morrison TED Talk on the Tiny House Movement

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I’m excited to get to show you Andrew and Gabriella Morrison’s mortgage-free modern tiny house on wheels.

They’ve recently finished building it and I think you’ll find it’s very functional, spacious, modern, and unique.

I’ve also been lucky enough to get to interview the couple for you so we can all learn more about how and why they did it.

In the interview you’ll find out how much it cost them, how long it took to design and build, find out dimensions, square footages, and more.

You’ll also get to see their completed tiny home below along with the rest of the details on it in the interview below:

Amazing Mortgage-free Modern Tiny House on Wheels

See the rest of this micro house and enjoy the interview with the couple who built it below:

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