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Eco Cabins Manufacturer Building Tiny hOMe on Wheels

You’ve already seen Andrew and Gabriella’s amazing tiny hOMe on wheels, right?

It’s a tiny house that they designed and custom built for themselves to live in full time with no mortgage.

Andrew and Gabriella also run Tiny House Build where they offer plans, teach tiny building, and more.

Recently, Andrew spoke at a TEDx conference about the tiny house movement.

Now, they’re excited to announce that you can order one of their tiny hOMes from Eco Cabins who they have partnered with for building tiny homes.

So just in case you’re not much of a DIY person, or you’re too busy to take on such a huge project, this is another option to have a tiny house built for you.

Eco Cabins Manufacturer Building Tiny hOMe on Wheels


Images © Tiny House Build

gabriella-and-andrew-modern-tiny-house-build-001 gabriella-and-andrew-modern-tiny-house-build-004 gabriella-and-andrew-modern-tiny-house-build-0028

Images © Tiny House Build


Learn more: http://www.ecocabins.com/tiny-homes/

Reserve yours: http://www.ecocabins.com/tiny-homes-inquiry/

Original story: Manufactured Homes Company Falls in Love with Tiny Houses

Get the full photo tour: Couple Build Mortgage-free Modern Tiny House to Live in Full Time

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  • Avatar jerryd

    Very nice but cut off the top 3-4′ as just a waste. If more room needed use the material to go longer. For the cost one could go offgrid solar instead would be a far better value, selling point.
    And make the roof a deck.
    Where is this large demand for sleeping lofts when few want, use them? Of those that think they do want them, after 6 months, not so much.
    Many buying these are older and for retirement homes too. Let’s build to the actual market.
    Since 80%+ don’t want them, shouldn’t 80% of TH’s not have them?

  • Avatar Glenn Jenkins

    How much does just one of these tiny homes cost to build, and where can you find them.

  • Avatar Charlie


  • Avatar kathy

    Love the tiny house, but leave off the top 3-4 ft. No stairs for me thank you. Kathy

  • Great comments guys, but we do have tons of people asking for the extra space that a loft provides. We have some coon new designs coming soon. Stay tuned.

  • Avatar Laurie

    Can’t do stairs anymore either. Would like to see a $3o,000-$35,000 price
    point. Some of the prices of the tiny homes are getting ridiculous.

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