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When ADUs became legal in a small Central Kentucky town, Janet and her son/daughter-in-law saw a great opportunity! The son and daughter-in-law own the land and larger home, and Janet lives nearby with her grandkids in a backyard cottage. It’s 320 sq. ft. with no wheels and was built by a local traditional builder.

Minus the deck her son built later, the cost for the home came in at $60,000. She furnished it with compact IKEA furniture with hidden storage and has a garden shed as well.

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Janet’s ADU in Her Son’s Backyard

320 sq ft. Conventional Foundation Tiny Home 3

Images via Janet

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This is a great option for a one-floor cottage that comes in at just under 500 square feet. The Juno Model, by Atlas Cottage Homes, is constructed in-factory to Florida building codes and then delivered and secured on a foundation on-site.

It features a spacious living room with an adjacent kitchen, a full bathroom, space for a stacked washer and dryer, and then a large downstairs bedroom. This one for sale on Facebook shows the bedroom with a Murphy bed to maximize space. What do you think?

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Florida Builder with 500 Sq. Ft. Foundation Homes

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Meet MyKabin — a DADU/ADU-building company that serves the greater Seattle area by creating backyard homes AND doing all the legwork of permitting and sitework! Everything will be done to code, and there are no hidden costs. Hopefully entrepreneurs could learn from this model and provide a similar service all over the United States!

MyKabin has a number of models, from their smallest Kabin to a two-bedroom, two-story Kabin. The one pictured below is their 340 sq. ft. model, called the “Cascade.” It features a studio-style layout, complete with a full kitchen and a bathroom.

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Backyard ADU for Seattle-Area Residents! MyKabin

mykabin Cascade Traditional

Images via MyKabin

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