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If you have a wooded lot — especially on the water — an A-frame is such a great house design! All the windows on the front side allow you to soak in stunning water views, while the solid roof panels on either side provide privacy. Plus, they’re still relatively uncommon, and it’s nice to have a unique home.

The 16×24 cabin includes a large living room, and an equal-sized kitchen and bathroom on the first floor. A large, sturdy ladder goes up to the 8×8 loft bedroom. It wouldn’t be a cabin without a stove of some sort, and these plans make space for a wood-fired unit in the corner of the living room. What do you think?

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Build Your Own Tiny A-Frame Cabin!

384 sq. ft. A-Frame Plans Loft Bedroom 8

Images via Etsy

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Here’s another great set of plans from LaMar! These will help you build an 8×8 A-Frame, which can make an awesome little hunting cabin, outdoor office, chicken coop or even a micro tiny house if you have an outhouse of some sort.

It comes with step-by-step photo instructions that LaMar posted to Instructables. He also has a video showing the plans in 3D. Would you build this?

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8×8 AFrame Plan Instructions!

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We’ve introduced you to LaMar Alexander’s A-Frame Plans before, but it’s always fun to see a fully-finished build based off of the PDF plans. Our reader, Blitztog, sent in some pictures of the A-frame he built using the plans. It was a “spare time project” for him, and the building sits in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Take a look at the pictures below, and buy the plans yourself here.

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14×14 A-Frame Cabin Vacation Spot

A-Frame in Michigan’s UP Built w/ LaMar’s Plans 4

Images via Blitztog

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