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This is a rustic cabin on 26 acres in Luck, WI. From the outside, it looks like it could be part of a thriller movie. Inside, it seems to be in good condition and actually seems smaller than what it looks from the outside. It’s available for $159,000 according to Zillow.

Rare 26 wooded acres both on and off Vincent Lake. 25 acres sits across road from the lake and also has 30′ lake frontage for your dock, gazebo, boat & campfire. 22 acres enrolled in Forest Land.

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Rustic Cabin on 26 Acres in Wisconsin for 159k

Rustic Cabin on 26 Acres in Wisconsin for 159k via Zillow 001

Image via Zillow

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This is a tiny cottage on a huge ranch for sale.

It’s part of the Agrarian Freedom Project in Arizona.

The Agrarian Freedom Project works to conserve the West’s open, working landscapes. The Project is an entrepreneurial venture designed to connect young, innovative ranchers with the financial and technical resources that are fundamental to revitalizing small-scale ranching, rural agrarian economies and communities, and conservation stewardship of working lands in the West.

Asking price is $295,500 and includes exclusive access to over 1,000 acres of land. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you!

Tiny Cottage on a Huge Ranch For Sale

Tiny Cottage on a Huge Ranch For Sale 001

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This is definitely NOT a tiny cabin but it’s still an awesome solar off-grid log cabin on 20 acres for sale in Michigan.

It has three rooms, one bathroom, and a large kitchen. The cabin is self sufficient with solar panels and is located on prime hunting land.

Even though it looks small in the photos, the total space inside is listed at 1700 sq. ft. including the loft space. Again, I know, it’s NOT tiny, and it’s hardly small, but I still thought you might enjoy it especially if you have a big family (or want a big family).

Solar Off-Grid Log Cabin on 20 Acres For Sale


Images © Gary Bailey II/Crossroads Realty MI/Craigslist

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This tiny cabin in the woods story is a guest post by Joe Slade

I am in the process of building this tiny cabin in the woods in Attala County, Mississippi.

It sits in the middle of 22 acres of hardwoods with no roads on the property.

All building supplies are carried in by hand. I just finished painting it to protect it for years to come.

My 160 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cabin Project


Images © Joe Slade

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This is a Guest Story – Share Your Tiny House Photos & Story Too

“Hi Alex, not sure this will fit into your site mainly because its an ongoing project and is unfinished. We bought 35 acres in Colorado in an area that does not have building codes. They do require septic when inhabiting a structure. This was all started in June 2013. I have not included interior photos because only one wall is done.

Man Builds 8’x12′ Tiny Cabin on Acreage


I encourage you to read the rest of the story and the rest of the tiny cabin photos below:

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