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This is the Azure Sky, a 3D-printed, prefab, 120-sq.-ft. backyard studio by Azure Printed Homes.

It starts at $24,900 and features a super-modern design with curved floor-to-ceiling windows making it perfect for a home office or fitness space. What are your thoughts on 3D-printed structures like this? 

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120-sq.-ft. Backyard Studio by Azure Printed Homes

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This is the Azure Iris, a 180-sq.-ft., 3D-printed, prefab tiny house by Azure Printed Homes.

It starts at just $39,900 and features a flexible living area that converts into a bedroom. There’s also a kitchenette and bathroom. Would you consider a 3D-printed tiny home at this price point? 

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180-sq.-ft. Prefab ADU Tiny House by Azure Printed Tiny Homes

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This is the mOne by Haus.me (@zombieproof.home on Instagram), a company that makes 3D-printed smart homes, including a studio tiny home, a two-bedroom single family home, and an upcoming two-story, glass home. The one I’ll show you here, is called the mOne.

It’s a 400-sq.-ft. off-grid studio with full kitchen and bathroom. It’s designed for two people. The next model up, doubles your space. It’s a solar-energy home with smart features like remote controlled blinds and it even features a 99.9% antibacterial and antivirus protection system with advanced HEPA air quality control. What do you think?

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3D-printed Smart Tiny House With 99.9% Anti-Viral And Anti-Bacterial System…And It’s Zombie-Proof!

The mOne 3D-Printed Smart Tiny House by Haus-me 001

Images via Haus.me

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