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Sweden using Tiny Cabins as College Dorms

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You likely have bitter-sweet memories of your days in a college dorm: tight apartment-style places with sub-par amenities.

Take a look at Sweden’s super cool alternative to dorms: tiny cabins. Sweden has a minimum-size requirement, but because so many students were “dorm-less,” they got exceptions to build tiny houses.

From the outside, you’ll see four lime green cabin structures complete with solar panels on the roofs and a white picket fence surrounding the perimeter. Each unit is 110 square feet. In other areas, there are tiny freestanding rectangular cream-colored tiny cabins which are only 93 square feet.

Take a step inside and you’ll encounter a crisp modern interior that includes kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping spaces for a student. Having all those amenities, even in a tiny space, is a huge plus for students used to sharing those necessities. The cost? About $375/month, or half what it costs to live in other college cities in Sweden.

Sweden using Tiny Cabins as College Dorms


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Images © Faircompanies via YouTube

Video: Sweden Tests Tiny Wooden Pods to use as Dorms

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This post contains affiliate links.

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