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Surfer’s Oceanfront Tiny House by Molecule Homes

I think you’ll like this tiny house because it’s unique, modern and simple.

It’s a surf shack on wheels by Molecule Tiny Homes.

You might remember them from the tiny home with the flip up porch/deck.

According to their original post, it was custom built for a surfer.

At a first glance (below) it looks as if it’s going to be dark inside because of the small windows.

But if you open the door and walk in, you’d be surprised because there are these giant windows covering the entire opposite side which give you this amazing view of the ocean.

Surf Shack Tiny House from Molecule Tiny Homes

Photos Courtesy of Molecule Tiny Homes

On the right you can see how they used the tongue area of the trailer to built a tiny shed that can be used as an electrical box. Notice the venting on it too.

So below is the other side of the house, which looks completely different, doesn’t it?

Surf Shack Tiny House by Molecule Homes

Notice the built in outdoor shower and how they built a deck to use the sliding glass doors.

View from the sleeping loft in surfers tiny house

View from sleeping loft in surfers oceanfront tiny house by Molecule Homes

You’ll get to see the view at the bottom but I think you’ll also like the modern touches in the kitchen and bathroom..

Modern kitchen with custom concrete countertop in surfers tiny house

I like the stainless steel outlet covers. Might not be worth the cost in a big house, but worth considering in a tiny home.

Modern Kitchen in Tiny House

If you want, let me know what you liked best in the comments below.

Bathroom with glass stand up shower in a tiny house on wheels


There are even solar panels on the roof along with a separate little shed that serves as the battery bank.

You can find more information and pictures on this one over at Molecule Tiny Homes. Also check out this post. Molecule Tiny Homes has a house for sale. Learn more.

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{ 57 comments… add one }
  • Avatar Dominick Bundy

    I like the look and layout. but again seems to be lacking in closets

    • Thanks Dominick!

    • Avatar carrie adams

      WOW…………………are there other words for absolutely perfect. Great job and I too want a big area for storage?!?!

    • Avatar Rich

      surfers don’t wear many clothes 😉

  • Avatar Nerida

    couple of t-shirts, board shorts, wetsuit and a hoody – so who needs a closet? 🙂

    Love that the surf theme is carried through and especially the butchers block.

    gets a big thumbs up from me.

  • Avatar Margaret Mitchell

    I love the use of different textures and color. The surf board shaped island is beautiful. WOW. Love your home.

  • Love the window wall! What is lining the interior walls? We’re building a tiny house soon and are totally flummoxed as to what to put on the walls that looks modern (and isn’t drywall).

    • Hey Jessica, I’m not sure on that one, sorry!

    • Avatar Dan

      Looks like sponge painted sheetrock

  • Avatar Jordan

    Beautiful tiny house – and the setting is to die for! This design is one I have been working on for my own tiny house – it’s as if I’m looking at my Google Sketch-UP plans! I LOVE the concrete counter and the back splash – have been searching all evening trying to figure out what the back splash is made from and find it with that pattern online. It looks like tin, but I think it could be faux tin. Any leads as to where they got them from would be appreciated!

  • Hi Alex, it`s beautiful this tiny home, I`like the kitchen and all this windows. In m case I`like this tiny but with basement in earth, (sorry for my english, I`m from Uruguay). We`re making our tiny home here in the woods, (near the beach), we`re doing it by our own, (autoconstrucción). We put some photos in my facebook, Patricia Ihlenfeld. Bye and we`re in contact, I´m very interesting in little home as a way of life.

  • Avatar Sue Reynolds

    I’m pretty sure that the backsplash is high-end 13″ X 13″ ceramic tile. I’ve seen the pattern at one of my suppliers. Try Waterworks site and see if this is one of their patterns!

    • Avatar Fern

      Nope, I don’t see it. But it is pretty.

  • Avatar Danielle

    Love the layout and the wide open feeling. Very nice touches, which are definitely worth it in a tiny home as your eyes are drawn right to them!

  • Avatar sesameB

    cute. cute.

  • Avatar Kate

    Love the whole thing…

  • Avatar Damon Mabry

    what are the dimensions of the house?

  • Avatar Lisa

    I really like the kitchen. The sink is deep, unlike the small sinks in most tiny houses. The countertop was well planned because it allows for drainage. The shower makes the whole house look more upscale.

  • I just love the entire thing. It looks so modern, unlike some tiny homes that are all wood inside. Love the COLOR and the shower!

  • Avatar Nichole

    Hey Alex- I love the openness and modern concept of this tiny house. I think the emphasis on “fine” finishings was a good choice. This is one of the most functional kitchens I have viewed with a great balance of space and storage. I wish it would have been staged with some free standing furniture to better understand how that aspect would have brought the place together. Also, I love the use of sliding doors as the entrance, however I would have maybe went with one 3 window slider on one end of the tiny house versus placing one on each end simply because my concern is storage and privacy in the sleeping area. Overall this is very lux and would be great for weekends at the beach! Awesome!

  • Avatar Sharon

    I like everything, but most interested in how you created or where you purchased the concrete countertop? It is lovely.

  • Avatar Corby Hackney

    Finally, a tiny house on wheels with some STYLE to it, architecturally AND interior design-wise. Thank you! Love the concrete sink/countertop, the backsplash, faucet, the shower, and the flooring (is that bamboo?). I want!!!

  • Avatar Otessa Regina Compton

    Blue is my favorite color, I love other colors as well, but blue is my home color. This home definitely shows imagination, and what a Tiny Portable Coastal Home can look like. Sea Shells anyone?

  • Avatar tom

    The contrast between the almost Spartan high tech minimalism and the traditional doors, fenestration, and cabinetry makes my head hurt.
    It would be fascinating to see the same interior shots taken after someone has inhabited the place for a while.

  • Avatar carrie adams

    A year later…I still love it. Not being a ‘surfer-dude’…I wear clothes and need a place to put them,,where? The style and finishing are superlative.

  • Avatar Annie

    Ohh, can I have it?? It’s perfect!

  • Avatar Craig Browning

    I like these Shed Roof-Type Designs. I am contemplating one possibly using a Shipping Container as a Starting Point.

    • Avatar Julie Bierne

      I’m exploring using a shipping container also. It just seems like a wise choice here in “tornado land” (Okla). I’ve enrolled in a basic welding course at a vo-tech as a first-step in making my tiny house dream come into the real world. I’d like to something like this but maybe with an asian flair

  • Avatar Linda

    What happened to “You’ll get to see the view at the bottom…?” I was all whipped up to see the ocean view. I like the house but I don’t know if the views were worth it. Can someone point me to an article on this that actually shows the ocean view?

  • Avatar Lindy

    I love the idea of the deck– the only thing better would be to have them fold up to protect the lower windows when moving or bad weather. I love the idea of being just on the beach with a minimalist house. And the kitchen is perfect.

  • Avatar AL

    I like the idea of this simple box, open space and bay windows…i preferably having both unit kitchen and bathroom on one side and loft above it over looking on open space living room..otherwise nice designed 🙂

  • Avatar M. Patrick

    Just the right size for me.

  • Avatar Mikki

    Loved the bathroom shower and the nice open kitchen.

  • Avatar Pat Kimball

    I actually love the whole thing but I especially love, love the openness and the shower!!!!

  • Avatar Dean

    Linked here from a newer article.
    This place is COOL!
    Being in Washington, I’d park this in Forks any day of the week!
    Thanks for showing us this one, Alex. =)

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Dean- Glad you liked it too! 😀

  • Avatar Dave R.

    I love the bathroom shower looks like a 5-star resort hotel type. Very well done solar panels thumbs up!

  • Avatar Sgmaps

    Just curious how you get up to the loft-ladder or stairs?

  • Avatar MPaula

    The kitchen is great, although I think the burners are too close to the sink. I would never have believed I would like this colour scheme but I really do! I’m glad someone mentioned that the island is shaped like a surfboard because I did not know that. The cutting board is the same shape.

  • Avatar Elle

    That is one of the most beautiful (and very functional) sink, counter, cook top units I have ever seen, not to mention the back splash.

    I like the loft and railing very much. It’s simple and attractive. I’m addicted to lofts. 🙂 I think they contribute greatly to visual (as well as physical) spaciousness as opposed to cramping it. They add charm and interest as well.

    This must be a very mild climate. I’m from So. CA and there are times when one wouldn’t want to be naked and outside when wet, bur! Still, it would be easy to put up a portable enclosure when using the shower. Beautiful home. Jealous.

  • Avatar Christina Bradford

    The shower! I love the shower

  • Avatar Dean

    LOL! Just now noticing there’s a shower both inside AND outside (that red glow you see is my face). =p
    Forgot to mention in my prior post that I LOVE the drain grooves in the counter. Quite ingenious!
    ….also, before I said I’d park it in Forks…..might be better to park it a few miles down the road, in La Push. You know, on the ACTUAL COAST.
    ….some days, it just doesn’t pay to get outta bed. 😉

  • Avatar Cindi

    Love this; is it road legal? I live in Va. Does anyone have any knowledge about where I could park this oceanfront for a week or two for vacations, etc.
    Love this!

  • Avatar Barbara

    I like that one can come in the door and go right into the bathroom with tracking sand through the living/kitchen areas, and it is more hygienic, also. I’d need a larger kitchen, so less glass down there. I would either make the kitchen cabinets to all the way to the ceiling, or put shelving above the cabinets for extra storage. The funky lighting does not belong in a kitchen. Food needs correct lighting in order to make pleasing presentations, and just to make sure things are cooked correctly! If you’re only serving beer and sandwiches, you may not care what colors your food is, but I’d remove whatever that awful blue color is coming from. It is completely inappropriate for a kitchen, so put it outside on the deck or someplace. A guy who doesn’t cook picked that out, I’ll bet. Tsk, tsk.

  • Avatar Kathy

    Wow, a tiny house with three entrances. that must be a record. Great place.


  • Avatar Barbar

    With that view, who cares what’s not in it. . . Just sayin

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