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Space Tiny House

This is the 16′ Space Tiny House on Wheels. It’s designed and built by Full Moon Tiny Shelters in Nova Scotia.

This tiny is completely empty inside so you can use it as a studio, guest space, work space, yoga room, or anything else you can think of. What would you do with your own space like this? If it were mine, I’d turn it into a mini-study with bookshelves and a desk. How about you?

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Space Tiny House on Wheels by Full Moon Tiny Shelters

Space Tiny House 007

Images © Full Moon Tiny Shelters

Space Tiny House 001 Space Tiny House 003 Space Tiny House 005 Space Tiny House 006
Space Tiny House 004

Images © Full Moon Tiny Shelters

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  • Well it’s a nice roof top anyway….!

  • Avatar jerry dycus

    First I’d put a bathroom and kitchen where the porch is.
    Then a line of solar down the front roof edge giving summer shade, power all yr round.
    Maybe a fold out porch under it.
    Nice look and excellent roof giving the most headroom at the lowest height, cost plus a nice place up in the breeze away from mosquitos with a great view.
    Wood is nice but needs to ve light with enough while to keep things from getting too dark. This one has a nice balance.
    And it doesn’t have a useless loft is another great point.

  • Avatar Sharee

    Does the measurement of 16 ft length include the porch space so that inside is only about 12 ft or 13 ft? A better answer would be 16 ft box with fold down deck or porch.

    I like the vinyl doors. Is there an advantage to using crank to open windows instead of sliding windows? Maybe crank windows provide better rain protection? Just curious.

    When I started making my plans I thought I wanted 16 ft length. Now I am increasing my drawing plans to 20 ft. This one doesn’t look very tall, so loft is out. First thought is pick a corner to put bathroom/toilet/sink area. Then build from there. Bathroom could be sink/toilet combo with shower or make it a wet room with toilet/sink. Then maybe put a raised kitchen at other end with pull out bed under the kitchen floor. Then you still have room in the middle for living room with chair or two and multi-purpose desk/table and using bed partially pulled out to act as a couch.

    Add some contrasting colors to mellow out the white. It could work.

  • Avatar ROSEE

    A-hem! Is that it?

    • Avatar Eric

      A-hem! Yup, that is “it.”

  • Avatar Kathy

    I think I would find a place where I could point the big glass doors at the ocean, stock some books and writing materials and compose that Great American Novel. Or…….. I would enjoy its peace and quiet at the bottom of my garden. maybe the fairies would drop by. I love the the natural shakes and white trim on this adorable little room,,and I would be very happy just being in it!

    • Avatar Eric

      Why does one need to be at the ocean to compose a novel. Great American or not. Don’t believe Ernest Hemingway ever did that.

      • Avatar Kathy

        Eric, what do you care where I want to write? I believe Alex’s challenge was what would *I* want to do with this tiny gem…..not what would I think you or any one else would enjoy. Try not to be so critical of others.

        • Avatar Bobbi

          Kathy, I have to say I agree with you. We were asked how we could use this space. It’s a light and airy feel empty as it is, I love that about it. I’d love it as a retreat space, to sit in a comfy chair and work on my quilting, with the breeze coming in the door and the quiet.

  • Avatar Trish Dee

    I would use this as a meditation/chill out room equipped with a toilet and sink where the porch is. I can imagine some pillows and a mat on the floor, maybe a water fountain in a corner with some plants beside it, and soft music playing in the background. I would light a few candles to add to the ambience, and I’ve always wanted an upholstered floral chaise where I could read a good book. I can dream, can’t I?

    • Avatar oxide

      Looks like a one-person yoga studio to me. I wouldn’t bother with plumbing since this is obviously meant to be parked either in a back yard or at a camp area with central toilets.

  • Avatar Kathy

    Thank you Bobbi. Your idea sounds pretty darned good too!

  • Avatar kevin

    I think an outdoor shower on the porch, with a w/c to the right of the entrance. Then a kitchenette to the left. Lose the French doors(?), and put a waist high loft against the back wall with space under for a closet and drawers.
    Perfect tiny space.

  • Avatar Jael

    Add one or two flip chairs that fold out into a beds at night and double as seating in the day. Add a multi-use round dining table on casters. Add one microwave cart with drawer for cooktop and storage. Add one small fridge. Add portable toilet in a beautifully decorated short cabinet to porch with a retractable bamboo or grass screen for privacy and shower. Then I am done.

  • I am a professional oil painter, so obviously my easel and supplies belong in there!

  • Avatar Adina Hirschmann

    Perhaps if you joined a few of those together and cut doorways at the appropriate spots, you might just have something resembling a house. As it looks now, that little trailer looks as if it needs a mirror-image matchmate attached to it to be complete.

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