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Solar House 2.0 in Barcelona: Future of Sustainable Housing and Energy

The technology used to build this solar house is revolutionary.

After watching the video I can see it being the future of sustainable housing and energy not just for housing but also for working, commuting, and even transporting goods.

Software is used to design every component of the house according to the environment that it’s sitting in.

This means every angle is taken into account in regards to seasons and solar energy collection.

Once the design is completed, you send it off to the manufacturer which prints out every component of the house in 3D so that it arrives ready for you to assemble.

It’s massive customization uniting with prefabrication. This technology allowed them to put together the home in just two weeks after the parts arrived.

Revolutionary Solar House Combines Customization with Prefabrication

Photo Credit Faircompanies.com

Thanks to all of the strategically placed solar panels and windows, the home produces 150% of the energy it needs.

What does this kind of amazing technology mean for our future?

It means our cars will be powered by the sun thanks to strategic solar house design.

It means our neighbors can buy power from each other instead of oversized corporations.

It also means a cleaner environment and a brighter future for our children.

It means we can produce homes that are completely customized at affordable prices thanks to software and machines.

Best of all, a largely reduced dependence on oil to power our homes, offices, and move us around.

Credits: Faircompanies.com, YouTube, IAAC

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  • All those odd angles would mean a huge waste of material.

    The principle of a more energy efficient home is simple.

    1- maximize insulation to keep inside temperature stable and eliminate any draft opeings.

    2- Minimize windows and doors on cold sides of the house in a cold climate or vice versa in a hot climate.

    3- Minimize solar penetration on south or hot side using overhangs and porches.

    4- Maximize ventilation using passive roof turbines for summer heat.

    5- Shade trees and vegetation to provide cooling but don’t shade your solar panels.

    6- use energy efficient appliances and a properly sized solar and wind power system. Reduce your power needs first and then build your system.


    • Avatar clyde

      I think your missing the point, they guy was talking about custom homes+efficient homes+energy producing homes. You could design it anyway you want or desire. This example was an exagerated design used to flaunt that.

      • I understand what the designer is trying to do Clyde and I was pointing out that energy efficiency can be designed in to any home with out his custom home software and printed home design and are not that difficult to achieve.

  • Avatar jerryd

    I’m sorry but my 1.0 wetwear computer can do this and has for 35 yrs!!! And looking at the example, do it better.

    I have to agree the future homes, at least the smart ones will make their own power and extra to sell. And a big reason I’m selling my home and moving to a better RE site, in my case on Tampa Bay in a trimaran solar/wind/sailboat.

    I’m also about 75% through my 144sq’ tiny house I’ll sell with or without land with self contained as options. For about $3k all up one can power it completely including A/C in Fla for 25 yrs. sunelec.com among others for low cost PV panels, etc.

    In my county it seems under 150sq’ doesn’t require a permit and if not hooked to public utilities doesn’t need an occupancy permit. And portable by most flatbed wreckers, just slide on and off.

    I agree with LaMar in his good points.

  • Avatar Sharon

    Fascinating! I love that the electric auto becomes the storage for excess electricity – how well thought-out. I would love to see the production facility for the structure – seems to me that would be much more complex than the design step. My concern regarding construction is sealing the building envelope to prevent air infiltration; a huge problem with all of those cuts and angles.


    For some reason the forum link is not working and your contact email does not show an image and keeps directing me to some white list about spam.

    Please contact me and explain problem.



    • Avatar Alex Pino

      So sorry Lamar but we lost the forums when our site got hacked at the beginning of the month. There’s still a chance to bring it back and am doing my best. So sorry for the inconvenience. But now, on the bright side, our new server and set up is very secure so we should not have problems like this in the future.

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