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Small Space? Five Big Solutions to Maximize Space in a Spare Bedroom

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By Robin Harrington

Extra bedrooms can serve multiple purposes. Not only do they have the potential to be accommodations for guests or a home office, they can also serve as extra storage space to help keep the rest of the house clean and organized. What happens too frequently, however, is people do not use the space optimally. Sometimes they attempt to cram too much into a limited space and end up with a clutter. Other times they over decorate and the room looks too busy. Spare rooms should be optimized so they can adequately serve any purpose they are needed for. Here are some tips for organizing your spare bedroom so it will serve your home well.

Minimize Clutter

Whenever you are looking to maximize space in any room, it is important to minimize the clutter. Having too many pieces of furniture, too many decorations or too much of anything will make the room look small and disorganized. When you begin to store things in the spare bedroom, choose wisely which pieces fit well in the room. Then, make sure you live by the rule: a place for everything and everything in its place.

How to Maximize Small Spaces and Extra Bedrooms

Use Decorations Without Being Overpowering

Similar to the considerations that were needed with furniture, it is important to choose wall decorations that fit with the size of the room. Decorations that are too large or too small may not fit with the room. Using too many decorations can make the room look busy and cluttered. Using window decorations, such as cellular shades, can make an excellent contribution to the room by adding the softness of fabric while ensuring privacy.

Use Multi-Use Furniture

When shopping for this room, select multipurpose furniture so you can utilize your space in style. For example, use side tables that can double as shelves. It will give you extra places to store knick-knacks, books, work supplies and anything else you might need. A futon or similar convertible couch to bed will also come in handy. When the room is used as an office, it can be a couch and complement the room nicely. When guests arrive, the couch can be extended into a bed with minimal difficulty.

Choose Furniture That Complements the Room

Too often, people begin to decorate the room based purely based on the style of furniture they like without thinking about the size and theme of the room it is going in. Measure the room beforehand so you know what will fit. Choose furniture that will fit flat against the walls when possible, as they will not take up excess room. If the room is small, do not choose large beds, dressers, chests, tables and other pieces. They will look out of place and will make the room look smaller than it really is.

Use Artwork to Tie the Room Together

Art can serve as a wonderful compliment for any room. For oddly shaped areas, such as a small floor but high ceiling, art can be used to draw the eye away from the dimensions and to the colors of the art and throughout the room. A well placed piece of art can do wonders to bring the room to life and encourage people to use the room on a regular basis.

Having an extra room can be a wonderful addition to any home. It will be a place to store extra items, house guests, use as a workspace and more. It is essential to optimize the space within a well designed room to get the most out of the area. Properly placed accents, multipurpose furniture and the rest of these five tips can all help the room fulfill its purpose.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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