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Recycled Tubes turned to Tiny House Hotel in Tepoztlan, Mexico

TuboHotel is a unique hotel that has utilized inexpensive materials to provide affordable accommodations to its customers.

Tubo means tube in Spanish. In 2006 architect Andreas Strauss used recycled concrete pipes to create a tiny houses to be used as hotel rooms (DasparkHotel).

T3Arc designed and built TuboHotel with inspiration from the work of Andreas.

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Tubes turned into Tiny Houses for this Hotel in Pueblo Magico Mexico

Located in Tepoztlan, Mexico there are beautiful views of the Sierra on this property. They call the area Pueblo Magico which means magic village.

The goal here was to not only build inexpensively but to also do it quickly. The purpose of the property is to serve tourists in the area.

TuboHotel - Reclaimed Tube Tiny Houses in Tepoxtlan Mexico
Photos Courtesy of TuboHotel

Unique And Affordable Hotel Made from Reclaimed Materials

At $500 pesos a night (that’s about $35) you can spend a night in your very own tube home.

They’re laid out in a unique way where the tubes are stacked like pyramids.

TuboHotel - Reclaimed Tube Tiny Houses in Tepoxtlan Mexico

There’s a total of 20 units you can stay in along with two bathrooms–one for men and the other for women.

You’ll also find picnic tables underneath umbrellas throughout the property.

TuboHotel - Reclaimed Tube Tiny Houses in Tepoxtlan Mexico

Inside each tube, there’s a queen sized bed along with a…

  • Light
  • Fan
  • Storage
  • Fresh towels

If that’s too luxurious you can also opt to camp out with your own tent for $150 pesos a night.

TuboHotel - Reclaimed Tube Tiny Houses in Tepoxtlan Mexico

What About Showers

Since these rooms are so small the hotel has two private bathhouses for your use during your stay.

Just make sure you bring a robe, sandals and your favorite soap and shampoo. They’ll have the hot water ready.

Where is TuboHotel

Tepoztlan, Mexico is about 45 minutes south of Mexico City, where the nearest airport lies.

Book your stay at this unique hotel and let them know that Alex from Tiny House Talk sent you.

Tlalcaltipac, Glorieta Km 17 s/n, Col. San Sebastian
62520 Tepoztlán, Morelos
Mexico: 739-395-3613
USA: 646-216-8604
Facebook and Twitter

TuboHotel - Reclaimed Tube Tiny Houses in Tepoxtlan Mexico

Video Tours of TuboHotel

Spanish video tour #1.

Techno music video tour.

Spanish video tour #2.

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{ 4 comments… add one }
  • Chris
    November 26, 2011, 12:29 pm

    If you really liked this design, you could scale it a bit and make a stack of 3 into a home.
    1 is bedroom-closet, 1 office / bathroom-shower, 1 kitchen/laundry.

    With larger tubes, the three window sides could all have sliding glass double doors (or just windows) – while the back-end of the three tubes could be all built into a unfied building cube or solar wedge shaped building.

    With the addition of a ‘backend’ building – the three tubes could just be 3 bedrooms with beds up against the glass. While the utility of kitchen/bath/living room / office space / laundry all arranged to the buyers liking in the building part.

    • November 27, 2011, 10:30 am

      Hey Chris great ideas- glad you shared! Amazing what you can do with recycled stuff and some creative thinking.

  • patra
    November 19, 2012, 4:31 pm

    Does anyone have a costing estimates for the construction of each tubo?

  • Marla Luster
    February 1, 2018, 1:13 pm

    Great article! Sewage tubes awesome! Perfect for a tiny house hotel also.

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