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One-of-a-Kind School Bus Cabin for sale

Erdinc, a musician who wanted to build a roof deck on a skoolie and use it for performances, built out this amazing skoolie over 8 months for about $16,000. As it happens, life has changed, and he needs to sell the rig.

The conversion featured a beautiful wooden ceiling, a long countertop with room for a camp stove, an office set-up, solar power, and a fixed back bedroom. He hasn’t finished the bathroom area yet but has it marked out. It could be yours for $31,000! He’s currently near Austin.

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It’s a Fully Converted ’09 E350 for $31K

Reclaimed wood ceilings.

There’s some pipe shelving above the kitchen area.

You’ll find the office space to the left of the kitchen.

A propane cook top makes meal-prep simple.

I love the faux flowers around the top as trim.

There’s a little dresser behind the cab.

He has quite the set-up here!

His power system.

Here are the solar panels.

A look in the garage.

Under the counter for the kitchen.

If you want it, the seller’s contact info is below!

From the Seller:

This bus is for sale for $31.000 or best offer. Of course only reasonable offers will be considered.

2009 Ford E350, 5 window short school bus. It’s in Austin TX. I have been living in it since July 2022. I built it from scratch! Starting from gutting the bus and finished with painting. It cost me approximately $16.000. It took me about 7-8 month from start to finish. 2-3 hour works a day. there were times I didn’t work on it at all for days or weeks! Nobody helped me build it. I am a person who always loved nomadic/minimal lifestyle. That’s what inspired me. I am a musician and. I wanted to build a roof deck to hold performances by great musicians but things changed and I need to sell it now. This is life. You have to make tough choices from time to time. I LOVE MY BUS anyway.

I also have a YouTube channel that you all can find the conversion videos from start to finish episode by episode. My YouTube channel is ‘Para Yok Zaman Çok’ In English it basically means ‘No Money, Too Much Time’ 🙂 It’s in Turkish language.

I’m still considering building a roof deck for my music performances. I don’t know when I will be able to sell it. I want to enjoy it till that moment… This unique build, -cabin look- mobile tiny home changed my life. I -again- realized how much stuff we thing we need in life but actually quite the opposite. LESS IS MORE.

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