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Off-Grid Tiny House with Dual Bed Design and Garage Door Window

Measuring just 20 feet long, the Mica cabin by Cabinscape has a surprising amount of comfort and convenience.

We went to film a full tour of Mica cabin this summer and the first thing we fell in love with was the double bed on the main floor.  How nice is it to have an option to sleep on the main level (next to the bathroom!) without having to climb up and down a ladder?  Unless you want a bit more privacy, or to have guests, in which case there is a second bed in the loft. The ladder is attached to the wall in a bunkbed style and there is an extra handle on the wall to make it easier to get up and down.

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20-ft. Mica Cabin with Dual Beds And A Garage Door Window by Cabinscape in Ontario

CABINSCAPE – Off Grid Tiny House Tour 1

Image © Exploring Alternatives

The second thing that’s quite impressive about this micro cabin is the massive picture windows on three walls that give you the impression that you’re almost living outside.  The most unique window is above the kitchen counter: it’s a mini garage door-style window that slides up on a track to create an indoor/outdoor kitchen and eating area.

CABINSCAPE – Off Grid Tiny House Tour 2

Image © Exploring Alternatives

If the weather isn’t cooperating, there’s also a flip up table attached to the kitchen counter, along with two stools, to create an indoor dining area.

The cabin is a rental that provides a bit of a glamping experience, so there is just a simple sitting area and bench in the living room, and no indoor shower.  But the outdoor shower is quite beautiful and has hot water!

CABINSCAPE – Off Grid Tiny House Tour 3

Image © Exploring Alternatives

For the toilet, they have a Separett urine diversion toilet.  They drain the urine to a french drain buried outside the cabin, and they have 2 composting units to compost solids until they can be safely spread in the woods.

The Mica cabin is parked on a remote piece of conservation land so it has to be fully self-sufficient and off-grid.  It draws water from the lake, it has solar panels and a battery bank for power (with a backup generator for grey days), propane for heat, hot water and cooking, and a greywater pit for shower and sink water.

CABINSCAPE – Off Grid Tiny House Tour 4

Image © Exploring Alternatives

Overall we think this is a pretty clever and quite beautiful tiny space that’s perfect for getting away from it all and reconnecting with the natural world.

VIDEO: Off-Grid Tiny House with Dual Bed Design & Garage Door Window – FULL TOUR


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Danielle is a digital nomad who is passionate about tiny spaces, living with less, reducing waste and eating plant-based food. Danielle is half of the Exploring Alternatives blog & video project. You can find more of her at www.ExploringAlternatives.ca and her Exploring Alternatives YouTube Channel.
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  • Elizabeth Rubio
    December 3, 2019, 8:27 pm

    I like the design very much – simple, straightforward and elegant. Love all the glass. Many practical ideas.

  • Alison
    December 4, 2019, 5:10 pm

    There’s a lot to like about this place. Not sure about the fold up table right in front of the kitchen sink; even when folded down it seems like it would be in the way. But that’s a minor problem.

  • Nita Hiltner
    July 18, 2020, 9:47 pm

    Much too small.

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