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Northwestern Tiny House Project

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Northwestern Tiny House Project’s mission is to build this sustainable home by making their own improvements onto Tumbleweed Tiny Houses’ efficient use of space with new ideas and innovations in the areas of materials, electricity, and plumbing.

They call themselves Team CASITA. This particular home is just 128 square feet and yes: they’re using a trailer as a foundation.

The design includes:

  • Electrical and plumbing systems
  • Solar panels with battery bank
  • Water tank placement
  • Rainwater collection system

The home is planned to be finished this school year and the students have put together an excellent eBook (report) that you can download which details everything, including materials, layout, plumbing, composting, electricity, resources, and more.

Northwestern Tiny House Project

The design allows for the entire roof to be covered in solar panels. This is a truly off-grid set up. The battery bank gives the house the ability to be powered for three entire days if no solar energy is available.

Like most tiny house designs, there’s a sleeping loft upstairs so that you still have enough room for everything else. And with five windows there’s certainly enough natural light.

It’s awesome seeing young people get together and make something like this happen. This project has been made a reality thanks to the following awesome people: William Fan, Kaycee Overcash, Kimberly Huang, Conor Cameron, Andrea Morgan, Alejandro Sklar, Zachary Patterson, Taylor Lee, Kevin Yngve, Laurel Lau, Vincent Zhang, Mert Iseri, Alexandra Letuchy, Chrissy Bernardo, and Molly Baker.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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