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MoonPass Lookouts Stargazing Tiny House

Remember the Potato cabin? That was the brainchild of Kristie Wolfe, and she’s back at it again with her most ambitious project yet! A set of five “Moonpass Lookouts” inspired by fire lookouts set on the 55-acre historic site of the Great Fire of 1910 in Idaho. These vacation cabins will feature smart glass roofs to allow for stargazing and private saunas/bathrooms.

Her Indiegogo campaign has blown up in popularity, so the lookouts can begin production! You can support the project now and book your stay in advance. The property will include a museum of the fire lookouts, the Great Fire of 1910, and the heroic deeds of so many people who helped reign in the flames.

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New Lookout Tower Cabins with Private Saunas

MoonPass Lookouts 55

Images via Kristie Wolfe

The towers stand 30 feet up in the air.

MoonPass Lookouts 9

Images via Kristie Wolfe

The smart glass roofs can be solid in the daytime to prevent overheating, and transparent at night to view the stars.

MoonPass Lookouts 5

Images via Kristie Wolfe

There are cozy wood stoves in each tower.

MoonPass Lookouts 4

Images via Kristie Wolfe

Look up at the stars.

MoonPass Lookouts 2

Images via Kristie Wolfe

The five lookouts will be spaced out to provide maximum privacy.

MoonPass Lookouts 6

Images via Kristie Wolfe

Here’s the wood-fired sauna and bathroom.

MoonPass Lookouts 8

Images via Kristie Wolfe

Each lookout will have its own sauna.

MoonPass Lookouts 7

Images via Kristie Wolfe

Here’s the inside of the sauna.

MoonPass Lookouts 3

Images via Kristie Wolfe

Here’s the design for the museum!

MoonPass Lookouts 56

Images via Kristie Wolfe

A Smokey the Bear statue is most appropriate.

MoonPass Lookouts 57

Images via Kristie Wolfe

VIDEO: MoonPass Lookouts is Live Now on Indiegogo


  • Stunning Scenery — panoramic forest landscape, encircled by towering trees, seen through 360-degree windows
  • Smart Glass Roof — during the hot daytime the glass can be turned from clear to opaque and block out 99% of UVA rays
  • Stargazing without light pollution — 14’ x 14’ cabin glass roof and no light pollution environment allow the visitors to enjoy the unparalleled celestial right from the comfort of their bed
  • Kitchen — visitors can explore the art of cooking in the cabin’s fully-equipped kitchen
  • Full-size bed — drift off to sleep in a cozy haven amidst the treetops
  • Wood-burning stove — embrace the warmth and calmness of crackling fire
  • Bathroom — enjoy modern amenities and comfort while being surrounded by nature
  • Private sauna — rejuvenate mind and body in a private sauna, indulging in ultimate relaxation
  • Complete Privacy — the towers are spaced apart for maximum solitude so all the guests will have the privacy and intimate surroundings they are looking for
  • Pet-welcoming — the towering hotel is also pet-friendly allowing the visitors to bring their furry friends to their MoonPass Lookouts adventures

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