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Yurt-like Micro Cabin Studio Vacation in Portland, Oregon

I want to show you this yurt-like micro cabin studio that you can vacation in if you’re ever in the Portland, Oregon area.

Since it’s a standard studio there’s no bathroom or kitchen inside but you get to access a private bathroom in the main house on the property. Plus you can also use the kitchen in the main house but you have to share it with the owners (and it’s a vegan only kitchen).

More importantly I want to show you the private studio and how one might be able to use it as a tiny cabin with the possibility of adding a separate structure nearby with a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry if you had it on your own land. I hope you enjoy.

Micro Cabin Studio Vacation in Portland, OR


Images © Airbnb

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Images © Airbnb


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  • Avatar Otessa Regina Compton

    I am glad to see this one has color, full of life and is not dull. Love the back splash in the kitchen area.

    • Avatar Varenikje

      Although the kitchen area is in the main house, not in the yurt, right?

  • Avatar Paul

    But the kitchen is not in the micro cabin, it is in the main house of the owners. Ditto the bathroom… which becomes rather problematic if 1) it’s teeming with rain outside and/or 2) you need to go to the loo in the middle of the night…

    Nah, sorry not for me.

  • Avatar wantana

    would be nice if the layout plan is included.

  • Avatar Nanny M

    Just lovely, both structures. As Alex says, plop in a half bath and kitchenette, and voila! You’ve got perfection.

  • Avatar Rhonda

    No bathroom or kitchen….I would pass on this for a tiny home that has both to offer.

  • Avatar Porcsha

    I’m sorry but I have to say this about the lovely cabin but people do anything to make a buck. To me this is not a vacation spot. You have to share a vegan only kitchen and a bathroom that’s in the main house. This would be great to share with family if you owned the main house at no cost. I am a flex-vegetarian and would feel like an intruder here.

  • Avatar Scott

    Well done!
    That is nice compact without being cramped. Looks totally functionable.

  • Avatar Kurt

    Love the blue tile in the bathroom and the handheld sprayer in the tub. I also like the kitchen. However, I’m not seeing any closets. Is there closet space that isn’t shown?

  • Avatar Kurt

    Whoops…didn’t realize that the kitchen and bathroom was separate until I read some of the comments. In that case, I wouldn’t be interested in a living arrangement like this.

  • Every man has the right to build their own house, thir own dream. Thus, unbridled, it goes…., like sails in the wind in an adventure that involves you fully. Each house will be like the soul of those who built it . Creativity and imagination all around.

  • Avatar Patrick Mills

    I like everything except no bathroom, why can’y you ad a 1/2 bath at the rear of the house? that you can get access to from with in the home. How many adults or seniors do you think are going to want to wander outside in the middle of the night to use the bathroom? Kitchen is fine being in the main house. I am living in Thailand & many of the homes outside the city all have a kitchen outdoor doors away from the house, I believe it is to keep the mess of cooking & the smells from taking over the house.

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