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Just Married Tiny House: What Would You Do For Love?

One of our readers and somebody who I got to meet at the Tiny House Fair in Vermont last month just sent me photos of her “just married” tiny house which is so awesome.

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While I was there I also got to create a video of Elizabeth’s tiny house which was on site. But anyway, I’ll let Susan explain below. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Susan!

Hi Alex,

We met briefly at Yestermorrow’s Tiny House Fair. I mentioned that my wife Emily and I had just married in April and promised to send photos of our Just Married Tiny House sign. Here they are. 

The heart in the upper window has an interesting back story. Every Valentines Day, the Valentines Day Bandit strikes, going around downtown Montpelier in the middle of the night plastering these hearts everywhere (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine_Phantom). We wake up to a world awash with red! These hearts have spread around central VT and many people and businesses have them in their windows.

Take care,

PS. Thank you for hosting the Tiny House Talk. It’s fantastic! I’ve been a fan for a long time.

Just married tiny house

It looks so beautiful! Well done. The windows are great and you got to love the heart up in the window for the loft.

You can see more photos below:

Just married tiny house Just married tiny house

Photo Credit Susan White

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What would you do for love? 

P.S. Happy 4th of July if you’re in the USA! 🙂

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  • Avatar cheryl

    I hope she eventually sends photos of the front end of the house, and the door! I’d love to see more of the exterior!

    And I love the siding – it’s the perfect scale for a tiny house.

  • Avatar arnold

    I like the concept of tiny houses. The affordability and resource saving are my favorites. But if many people build structures in open beautiful landscape. What will be the landscape for everyone? How much commuting and roads will be needed? How about pooling resources. Build a strong building that will stand up to high winds and flooding. Then each could build their tiny house in the building. Sharing utilities for economies of scale. Then the land around could be left raw and open for everyone to enjoy. The pioneering tract for Humans will have to be different than individual covered wagons. Much as I revere the individual. Maybe the individual can flourish more in the mind than a physical place.

  • Avatar Gloria

    Happy 4th to you and your girlfriend, Alex! (sorry, I forgot her name!)

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Gloria! You too 🙂

  • Avatar alice h

    Gorgeous house, would love to see more when the inside is done. Congratulations to the happy couple! And happy 4th to our US neighbours from Canada.

    • Avatar alice h

      that should be “happy 4th from Canada to our US neighbours”, sorry!

  • Avatar teri

    Congratulations, Susan & Emily!
    I’m joining the crowd to see more photos of your lovely little home, inside and out. I, too, love your choice of siding and I especially am delighted with your bay window matching the storage space on the tongue of the trailer.
    Please send more sharings!

  • Avatar Heath

    the exterior is so beautiful. more like what I hope to one day build than anything I have come across thus far. And I’m inspired to see a same sex couple in a tiny house! 🙂 thanks for blazing the trail! I’m gonna be there someday. Even if he makes me park my house in the back yard because he refuses to live small haha. If anybody has tips for college students. let me know. Thanks again Susan!

  • Avatar Meg & Joe

    I noticed he built over the wheel wells. That the legal limit for road use, so the roof extends past the legal limit. Be sure not to get caught if you plan on moving it. I thought about going this route when designing mine. I figured it was not worth the risk so I built mine inside.

    • Avatar coffeewitholiver

      True about the issues with the legal limit on roads, but it seems that over-width is easier to get a permit for than over-height. I went with almost 10 feet across on my roof ~ I will only be moving it once, too.
      It makes a huge difference in the aesthetic as well as working better for passive solar and rain protection, so I went for it! 😀
      I too, love that siding! It looks gorgeous!

  • Avatar Brian

    Love your home and would just like to wish you both a very happy life together. Cheers from Australia.

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