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Japanese Zen Van Dwelling in a Converted Micro Van

Right now I’d like to show you a little van that has been rehabbed into a micro motorhome perfect for stealth van dwelling with a Japanese zen style.

I can see it being used for stealthy traveling but it can also serve a variety of purposes like a space for meditation, writing poetry, or just about anything else you might be able to think of.

Take the complete tour below because I think you’ll enjoy it and it’s definitely different than a lot of van conversions that I’ve seen before. And there’s a video tour, too. Enjoy!

Van Converted into Japanese Zen Van Dwelling Micro Motorhome


Images © YouTube/higuti itio

japanese-zen-van-dwelling-0002 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-0003 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-0004 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-0005 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-0006 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-0007 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-0008 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-0009 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-00010 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-00011 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-00012 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-00013 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-00014 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-00015 japanese-zen-van-dwelling-00016

Images © YouTube/higuti itio

Video Tour: Tiny Van Converted into Japanese Zen Van Dweller

Our big thanks to Saint Phlip for sharing this Japanese Zen Van with us!

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  • Avatar Karen B

    I always admire the simplicity and clean lines of Japanese design and this is lovely also. I wouldn’t mind living in this for a cross-country tour, however, I was hoping a video would show how back door works and if there is a bathroom.

    • Avatar Alex

      Thanks Karen- I really like it too and have always been drawn to Japanese design and culture. I wish we could see a bit more too but oh well.

  • I love zen serenity… especially in a small space. Many small houses are very cluttered. I am considering closing the cabinets away… not the room. I am thinking roll up instead of sliding sideways.

  • Avatar Cahow

    Okay, PLEASE excuse my walk on the Dark Side, here, but I have to post this funny thought that instantly *popped* into my head when I saw this interior.

    Can you imagine the look of puzzlement when some sneak thief breaks into this van and finds THIS!?!? He’d probably back slowly away and high tail it outta there! LOL

    On the Light Side, a very sweet ride. 😀

  • Avatar travis

    Amazing! I have been considering something similar.

  • Avatar Joolie

    Wow, tiniest sink ever! What have you done for shower or toilet or fridge or stove or electrical? I assume you sleep on a mat on the floor. Impressive cabinetry, but I wished for more detail than watching a light turn on!

  • Avatar Sol

    I wondered about facilities, too. If you watch this on YouTube, you’ll see many other similar models available, and you can set the captions to English. I’m very excited about van conversion opportunities!

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