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Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse in Maine for Sale!

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Looking for a tiny home with your own land? Do you enjoy a little solitude and don’t mind cold weather? This man-made island in the middle of a Maine lake is for sale, and it comes with a 450-square-foot stone cottage and a lighthouse! You can access it via a private boat dock on the mainland.

The island itself is just 7,405 sqft, but it’s a fun off-grid spot to either get away during the summers or stay away all year if you like roughing it! You can even park a registered RV on the mainland boat dock land for 3 months a year. Take a look below!

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Charming Island Retreat: Unique Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse in Maine Available Now for $425k

Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse 88

Images via Zillow

Your own personal paradise.

Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse 9

Images via Zillow

An aerial shot of Canton Lake.

Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse 8

Images via Zillow

The lovely cottage was built in the 1930s.

Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse 5

Images via Zillow

There are lovely period cabinets and I’m assuming the oven and fridge run off propane.

Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse 6

Images via Zillow

There’s a fireplace and the cottage comes fully furnished.

Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse 7

Images via Zillow

Cute triple bunks against one wall.

Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse 4

Images via Zillow

There’s an old-fashioned oven.

Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse 3

Images via Zillow

I can imagine the sunsets are amazing.

Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse 2

Images via Zillow

Here’s the mainland dock that you’ll own.

Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse

Images via Zillow

It would be a little lonely, but very cool!

Island, Stone Tiny Home & Lighthouse 10

Images via Zillow

Zillow Listing:

Shoreside lot and Rocky Mecca is a one of a kind opportunity for adventurers and dreamers. Rocky Mecca was created in the 1930s, quickly becoming the face of Canton and the 600 acre Canton Lake, a.k.a Anasagunticook Lake. The 360* view offers unlimited views of both sunrise and sunsets. The island has 2 docks, a unique 20×24 cottage with its own 18′ lighthouse that serves as a beacon on the lake for boating, swimming, fishing, seaplane access. The shore lot has a dock that serves as a boat launch. The shore lot has a sandy beach and a boat dock. Although the lot is not big enough to build on the town will allow an RV or travel trailer, must be registered, to be parked for 3 months at a time. On shore Canton offers hiking trails and in the winter there is easy access to the ITS trails, and it is close to many other recreational opportunities, making it perfect for 4 season use. Tax amount is for both properties.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • Donna Rae
    June 3, 2023, 7:24 pm

    Wow! Talk about unique! For those who can’t buy this one, it will serve as an inspiration to builds elsewhere, for sure! If you only needed one bed, it would have enough room for a good sized living area where a full-sized couch or even sectional could make for a really cozy place to read or watch TV. Love the nice sized kitchen with the antique cabinets…though new would be ok, too…and that stainless steel island/table is fabulous! If you put something there that had leaves to expand the table, you could throw a pretty good sized dinner party! One would definitely need to add on for a bathroom because going to an outhouse just isn’t in the works! 😉 Of course, the add-on is for a new build, not this lovely stone cottage. I see it is under contract on the Zillow listing…not that I would move to Maine anyway. Too cold for these old bones!!! 😀 Anyway, it is adorable and would be more to my liking if it was not on an island. Many would think it ideal! Thanks for sharing such a unique home!

  • Kelly
    June 20, 2023, 11:51 am

    Incredible, the sunsets have to be amazing. I would think Thanksgiving, Christmas and other holidays would need to be on the mainland. 🌼💚

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