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Historic Cave Home in Spain

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This historic cave home in Andalucía, Spain is one of 30 homes owned by Balcones de Piedad’s Caves in Guadix- Granada. They’ve renovated seven of the structures so far, keeping them as traditional as possible while offering modern conveniences.

Incredibly enough, these cave homes have been around for centuries! This one features a comfortable kitchen space, a bathroom with a shower stall, and a lovely living room where you can relax. Two bedrooms — one with a double bed and another with three single beds — give guests a quiet place to rest.

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Historical Cave Home Remodeled For Vacation

The entryway features a 100-year-old bench.

There’s also a beautiful painting and some colorful glass windows.

Here’s the dining area/kitchen with a beautiful wooden table.

A couch with colorful pillows in the living room.

You can see the kitchen sink peeking through the archway.

A wooden door goes to the next room.

The primary bedroom has side table “caves” on either side.

The kids’ room has three single beds.

Amazing Cave Home in Spanish Valley w Pool 5

Each one has colorful bedding.

A beautiful ceramic sink sits in the corner of the bathroom.

There’s a shower stall and a modern toilet.

Beautiful blue door!

The magical infinity pool on the property for guests only.

It appears to sit at the entrance of another cave.

Would you enjoy this kind of vacation?


In Balcones de Piedad we have 7 faithfully restored caves on a total of 30, so far, respecting the traditions that have been kept for centuries but with all the comfort and equipment of our times. We have scrupulously respected tradition in construction, they have not been built with concrete, the walls are treated with a mixture of ground of the area and cement, so the resulting color is the terrain itself. Everything is made out of natural staff: wood and stone handworked by local artisans.

Los Balcones de Piedad is a neighborhood with many centuries of existence, located between the ancient cities of Guadix and Baza, at the end of Bácor, it belongs to the province of Granada. It is a great natural balcony where the village settles, a great look out place into a sky full of stars. A stream runs along the bottom of the place, making silence alive.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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