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Four Tumbleweed Tiny House Plans for Free (2023)

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Tumbleweed is giving away four tiny house plans for free! If you’re interested in building your own tiny house, looking at tiny house plans, and just learning what it might entail to build a tiny house, these 20-ft. tiny house plans from Tumbleweed could really come in handy someday when you are ready to build!

The plans that are free (normally $759 each) are the Mica 20, Linden 20, Cypress 20, and Elm 20 building plans. I have always wanted to build a Tumbleweed Mica 20 tiny house, so I almost jumped out of my chair and went ahead and registered for the free plans download from Tumbleweed. You can too below, although I’m not exactly sure how long these will be available for free, so please don’t wait! Learn more and get your free plans below!

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Four of Tumbleweed’s 20-ft. Tiny House Plans (Free Downloads)

The first plan that’s free is the Mica 20 shown above. There’s a full tour of a Mica 20 on this post and this one. The second one I’m showing you (below) is the Linden 20. You can get a full tour of a Linden tiny house in this post.

The third free Tumbleweed tiny house plan is the Cypress 20 which you can get a full tour of in this post.

The fourth is the Elm 20 which you see an example of here. To download the plans from Tumbleweed, we have arranged all four of the links below.

When you get to the website, if the plans are still listed at $0.00, you are in luck.

From there, you simply add the one you want to the cart.

There are a total of four to pick from!

Each plan comes with floor plans, roof plan, transverse section, framing plans, foundation plans, electric plans, material list, exterior elevations, engineering section, interior elevation, door detail, and some also include dormer and stair plans too.

Yes, you can download all four, as I did.

To get the plans, you’ll have to go to the official Tumbleweed Houses website links listed below and add each of the plans to your cart and then complete the checkout process by checking out. I just went through the process myself and I did not have to enter any payment information, simply my contact information since each of the plans was listed at $0. After that, I was able to download the plans.

Happy building!

Learn more and get the plans

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This post contains affiliate links.

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