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Family of Four Living Full Time in their Jeep Camper

Just wait until you see the incredible off-roading Jeep Camper this family lives in — full-time! Julie, Chris, and their two boys loved camping and kept taking longer and longer trips until they realized they could put “normal” behind them and DIY their own overland camping set-up!

They have a beefed-up Jeep that tows a military trailer holding much of their gear as well as a tent-on-stilts that keeps them off of wet, muddy, or rocky ground while sleeping. Their elaborate first aid kit and technical know-how to fix any issue show you what a remarkable family this really is! Learn more about them as well as the beauty of Jeep campers below!

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Family’s Life in their Overland Jeep Wrangler with a Camper Trailer

Their boys are so articulate and well-adjusted! Can you imagine getting to grow up with this kind of lifestyle?

When it’s time to switch locations, it’s pretty easy to move around with their off-road-ready military-style camping trailer with all of their gear in tow.

The trailer holds their food, bathroom supplies, LEGOs for the boys, and a rooftop tent. This really adds a lot of function and versatility to their Jeep camper!

VIDEO: Family lives full-time in their Jeep camper


Learn More:

Jeep Campers

Jeep Campers are one of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors. With plenty of room for all your gear, they are made for camping trips and outdoor adventures. They are also tough enough to handle any terrain, so you can take them anywhere you want to go. If you’re looking for a fun and adventurous way to explore the great outdoors, a Jeep Camper is definitely an option to consider!

Does Jeep make a camper?

Jeep does not currently make a camper, but there are many third-party companies that do. There are a number of options for Jeep camper conversions, from full-on campers that attach to the back of the vehicle to simple roof racks with tents. Jeep owners who want to camp can find a conversion that fits their needs and budget.

Can Jeep Wranglers pull campers?

Jeep Wranglers are known for their off-road capabilities, so it’s no surprise that many people wonder if they can pull a camper. The answer is yes – Jeep Wranglers can definitely pull campers, but there are a few things you need to consider before doing so.

First, you’ll need to make sure that your Wrangler is equipped with a tow hitch. Next, you’ll need to check the weight of your camper and make sure that your Wrangler can handle the load. Lightweight campers are your best option if you must go with a trailer. You can also consider other options like a tent or pop-up camper accessory. Finally, you’ll need to practice safe driving habits when towing a camper, especially when going over bumps or turning corners. If you follow these guidelines, you should be able to safely tow a camper with your Jeep Wrangler.

How much can a Jeep Wrangler safely tow?

The Jeep Wrangler is a popular choice for off-road enthusiasts and those who need a vehicle that can handle tough terrain. It’s also a great choice for towing heavy loads. The Wrangler can safely tow up to 2,000 pounds. This makes it a great option for towing small trailers, boats, and other items. If you need to tow a heavier load, some models can be equipped with a trailer hitch that will allow you to tow up to 4,500 pounds.

What size RV can a Jeep Wrangler pull?

Jeep Wrangler can tow up to a 5,000-pound RV. It is important to remember that this is the maximum weight and that towing a trailer or RV always carries some risk. Make sure your Wrangler is properly equipped and that you are familiar with the towing capacity before hitting the open road. Most Wranglers are made to tow between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds, which makes them great for smaller campers, Airstreams, teardrop trailers, tent trailers, pop-up trailers, and other lighter and smaller campers.

Can I sleep in the back of a Jeep Wrangler?

Yes, you can sleep in the back of a Jeep Wrangler. The seats fold down so you can easily make a bed. The Jeep also has a built-in roof rack, which gives you a place to store your belongings while you sleep. Plus, the Jeep’s soft top can be easily folded down if you want to sleep under the stars. If you’d like a better sleeping setup, learn more about some of the available aftermarket camping options for Jeeps below.

Can you sleep in a 2 door Jeep Wrangler?

Yes, you can sleep in a 2 door Jeep Wrangler. The seats fold down and there is plenty of room in the back for a sleeping bag or air mattress. Plus, the Jeep is high off the ground so you’ll be comfortable and safe from bugs and critters.

Jeep Camping Accessory Options

There are a variety of options available, such as fiberglass or metal rooftop tents, pop-up campers, camping trailers, SUV tents, Jeep camper rentals, and more. Let’s go over each of them in a little more detail below!

Fiberglass Jeep Camper Shells

Fiberglass jeep campers are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. They are lightweight and easy to transport, making them perfect for camping trips. They are also durable and weather-resistant, so you can feel safe using them in all kinds of environments.

Rooftop Tent Jeep Campers

Rooftop tent campers for Jeeps provide a comfortable and convenient way to camp while on the go. These tents attach easily to the top of your vehicle and provide a sheltered space to sleep and relax in while you’re out camping. They can be set up in minutes, and make it easy to enjoy the great outdoors without having to spend as much time setting up a traditional tent. In addition, the rooftop tents keep you off the ground.

SUV Tents for Jeeps

Jeep SUV tents are designed to fit into the rear of your vehicle, providing a sheltered space for camping. They are made from waterproof and breathable fabric and have a number of guy ropes and poles to keep them in place. The tents can be combined with an awning for extra living space. Some models can also be converted into a canopy, making them ideal for use at music festivals or other outdoor events.

Camping Trailers for Jeeps

Camping trailers are a great way to camp in comfort. They can be towed behind a Jeep or any other vehicle with adequate towing capacity. Camping trailers come in all shapes and sizes, from small teardrop trailers to large, multi-room trailers. Some camping trailers are even outfitted with their own kitchens and bathrooms.

Jeep Pop-Up Campers

Jeep pop-up campers provide the perfect way to camp in style. With a variety of different models to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you need extra storage space or want a model that can accommodate a family, you can probably find a pop-up camper that will work for your Jeep. Plus, these campers are easy to set up and take down, so you can enjoy your camping trip without hassle.

Top Options to turn your Jeep into a Camper

Jeep Action Camper

The Jeep Action Camper hard shell Wrangler accessory is perfect for camping trips. It attaches to the top of your car and provides a sturdy, weatherproof place to sleep or relax. The camper is spacious and includes a built-in tent, making it easy to set up and take down. It’s also equipped with a number of handy features, such as storage compartments and a rainfly. If you’re looking for a comfortable and convenient way to camp, the Jeep Action Camper is definitely worth considering.

Jeep Action Camper

Images via Action Camper

Jeep Action Camper 2

Images via Action Camper

Jeep Action Camper 3

Images via Action Camper

Jeep Action Camper 4

Images via Action Camper

Source: http://www.actioncamper.info/details.php?artID=7

Backwoods Camper Co.

The Backwoods Camper company is a Jeep-specific outfitter that designs and builds camping trailers and other gear for off-road enthusiasts. Backwoods Camper trailers are perfect for anyone who loves spending time outdoors and wants to bring all the comforts of home with them. Whether you’re headed out on a cross-country road trip or exploring your favorite backcountry trail, a Backwoods Camper will make your adventure even more enjoyable.

Source: https://backwoodscamperco.com/

iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Tent

The iKamper Skycamp tent is an impressive piece of camping gear. It can be set up in just minutes, and it’s stable and sturdy in windy conditions. The Skycamp has a lot of features that make it a great choice for camping, including plenty of ventilation, a large interior space, and a rooftop deck that provides amazing views. This tent is perfect for anyone who wants to camp in comfort and style.

ikamper skycamp 20 tent on a Jeep Wrangler

Image via rei

Source: https://www.rei.com/product/176676/ikamper-skycamp-20-tent

Rightline Gear SUV Tent

The Rightline Gear SUV tent is a great option for those who need a little extra space while camping. This tent can attach to the back of an SUV, allowing for more interior space than a traditional camping tent. It is also very easy to set up, making it a great choice for anyone who wants a quick and easy camping experience.

Rightline Gear SUV Tent for Jeep Camping

Image via Extreme Terrain

Source: https://www.extremeterrain.com/rightline-suv-gear-tent-110906.html

Jeep Gladiator Truck Cap Canopy

When it comes to truck caps, the Jeep Gladiator Truck Cap Canopy is a top choice. This cap is designed to fit the Jeep Gladiator, and it’s made with durable materials that will hold up to wear and tear. It features a comfortable fabric lining, so you can enjoy a relaxing ride, and it has plenty of room for your gear. Plus, it’s easy to install and remove, so you can get on the road quickly.

rlddesignusa Jeep Gladiator Truck Camp Canopy

Image via rlddesignusa

Source: https://www.rlddesignusa.com/p/jeep_gladiator/2020-jeep-gladiator-truck-cap-canopy/

J30 Jeep Pop-Up Camper by URSA Minor

The J30 Jeep Pop-Up Camper by URSA Minor Vehicles is the perfect way to camp in style. This camper attaches to your Jeep and pops up to give you a spacious and comfortable place to sleep. The J30 blends right into your Jeep’s aesthetics when you’re not camping so it’s easy to continue using your Jeep when you’re not in camp mode. It’s also lightweight and durable.

Source: https://ursaminorvehicles.com/jeep-hard-top-popup-camper-package.html

Free Spirit GS Rooftop Tent

The Free Spirit GS Rooftop Tent is perfect for Jeep owners who love to camp. This tent can be easily mounted on the roof of any Jeep Wrangler or other SUV, making set-up and tear-down a breeze. The GS Rooftop Tent is spacious and comfortable, with enough room for up to three people. It features a waterproof and breathable canopy, as well as a durable fabric shell that will keep you dry and comfortable.

GS Rooftop Tent Adventure 55 Jeep Camper

Image via gofsr

Source: https://gofsr.com/collections/rooftop-tents/products/adventure-55-premium

Sylvan Sport Go Camping Trailer

The Sylvan Sport Go Camping Trailer is the perfect way to take your camping gear with you on your next camping trip. This trailer is lightweight and easy to tow, and it comes with a built-in tent that can accommodate up to four people. The Sylvan Sport Go Camping Trailer also includes a built-in equipment rack and a gear deck, so you can take all of your gear with you, including a 4-wheeler or a couple of dirt bikes!

Sylvan Sport GO Camping Trailer with Storage and Tent

Image via Sylvan Sport

Source: https://www.sylvansport.com/go-camping-trailer/

SmittyBilt Overland Tent

The Smittybilt Overland Tent is the perfect accessory for your SUV or Jeep. This rooftop tent sleeps 2-3 people and includes a ladder for easy access. The heavy-duty canopy and waterproof construction make this tent ideal for all types of weather. Whether you’re camping in the woods or hitting the open road, the Smittybilt Overland Tent is a must-have for any outdoor adventurer.

Source: https://amzn.to/3eXfYM2 (affiliate link)

Escape Jeep Camper Rentals

Jeep Camper Rentals are a great way to explore the outdoors. You can rent a Jeep Camper and try it out before you buy one. This is a great way to see if Jeep Camping is right for you. Consider the following Jeep rentals for your next adventure! Jeep Campers are perfect for camping, fishing, and exploring.

Jeep Camper Rental Resources

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    I enjoy the escapades of YouTuber ‘down2mob’.
    For his Gladiator, he engineered a replacement flatbed and pop-up camper for full-time live-aboard.

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