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ESCAPE ONE with Metal Siding: $9.4K Off!

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This is a slightly-used ESCAPE ONE model that came back to the ESCAPE warehouse and got a little bit of a facelift! The team replaced the exterior with metal siding that has a 30-year warranty, and also put in all new flooring throughout the home.

The THOW is selling at a $9,400 discount, making it $61,990 in total — a great deal for a completed ESCAPE THOW with two lofts, a fully-functional kitchen, and a bathroom with flush toilet and shower stall.

Enjoy the photos and video tour below, and contact ESCAPE if you’d like to make a purchase or ask more questions.

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Get a BIG Discount on an ESCAPE THOW!

ESCAPE ONE with Metal Siding: $9.4K Off! 8

Images via ESCAPE

You’ll notice this ESCAPE has folding blinds on all the windows.

ESCAPE ONE with Metal Siding: $9.4K Off! 6

Images via ESCAPE

The bathroom sits under the secondary loft.

ESCAPE ONE with Metal Siding: $9.4K Off! 5

Images via ESCAPE

There’s awesome living space under the main loft.

ESCAPE ONE with Metal Siding: $9.4K Off! 4

Images via ESCAPE

The compact kitchen has all the necessities.

ESCAPE ONE with Metal Siding: $9.4K Off! 3

Images via ESCAPE

Brand new flooring!

ESCAPE ONE with Metal Siding: $9.4K Off!

Images via ESCAPE

Mini sink in the bathroom.

ESCAPE ONE with Metal Siding: $9.4K Off! 7

Images via ESCAPE

One piece shower stall looks new.

ESCAPE ONE with Metal Siding: $9.4K Off! 2

Images via ESCAPE



  • Slightly used
  • Brand new flooring put in
  • Brand new metal siding (30 year warranty)
  • Oven and stovetop
  • Deep stainless steel sink
  • Frosted bathroom door
  • One-piece shower stall
  • NEW flush toilet
  • Small sink in bathroom
  • Two lofts
  • Climate controlled with mini-split
  • $61,990 selling price ($9.4k off)

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This post contains affiliate links.

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