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DoubleBack VW Transporter Campervan That Extends 6.5ft!

This is the DoubleBack VW Transporter Campervan.

When on the road, the pod stays tucked up inside the back of the vehicle. Once the driver stops and decides they’d like to settle down someplace, however, it electrically extends out of the rear in under 45 seconds, adding approximately two meters (6.5 feet) of useable interior space.1

‘DoubleBack’ VW Transporter CamperVan Conversion Extends 6.5ft!

DoubleBack VW Transporter Van Camper 001

Images © DoubleBack

DoubleBack VW Transporter Van Camper 002 DoubleBack VW Transporter Van Camper 003 DoubleBack VW Transporter Van Camper 004

Images © DoubleBack

Video Demonstration

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Sources: New Atlas, DoubleBack, YouTube

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  • Avatar merryl

    omg that is soooooooooooooo creative!wow!!!!!!!!!

  • Avatar Trish

    This is awesome, but wonder want the typical one costs. Looked on their website, but did not find any prices, made because they are all customized designs. Could give a start price with just the stripped out slide out b4 anything is added.

    • Avatar James D.

      According to other articles written on them, starting price is £54,995…

  • yep, now thiss makes sense. id take one anyday.

  • Avatar Rando

    This is very similar to the 1915 Ford Model T Telescopic Apartment. I’m sure this VW Transporter version is much much nicer with modern conveniences. Great take on a 100+ year old idea.

  • Video plays too fast and is difficult to pause to see what the features are. I have seen this concept before. Just wish they kept the added ceiling height many vans have.

  • Avatar Alison

    Bad video; it doesn’t show enough details, and is annoying. Can’t tell if vehicle would be useful or not.

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