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Couple Payoff $100k Debt and Move into Converted Prison Bus

Meet Ben and Meag of the Wild Drive Life. They are a couple who over the past five years simplified their life, paid off over $100,000 in student loan/vehicle debt, and converted an old prison bus into their very own rolling tiny home.

See how these two health-loving hikers are traveling and sharing their journey in their very own self-converted bus since January 2018.

Below you’ll find a video tour of their awesome custom bus conversion. Please enjoy and re-share below. Thanks!

Couple Payoff Over $100k in Debt and Convert an Old Prison Bus into their own Mortgage-free Rolling Tiny Home

Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-001

Images via Wild Drive Life

Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-002 Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-003 Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-004 Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-005 Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-006 Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-007 Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-008 Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-009 Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-010 Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-011 Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-012 Couple Get Out of $100k Debt by Living Tiny-013

Images via Wild Drive Life

We’re Ben & Meag of The Wild Drive Life.

Our crash course in lifestyle design began with our journey to pay off +$100,000 of student loan/vehicle debt in 3.5 years. The self-guided challenge taught us that we’re all capable of writing our own story.

Over the past five years we overhauled our lifestyle and transformed our health and confidence in the process. We put ourselves in the way of growth and change.

The journey led us to self-convert a 1989 Chevy prison bus into a 165 sq. ft. off-grid home.

Now, we live simply, travel in the winter and share our story as we discover where we’d like to put down roots.

VIDEO TOUR: Full-time Living & Travel in our Prison Bus Conversion


A special thanks to Ben and Meag for sharing with us!

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Andrea is a contributor for TinyHouseTalk.com and the Tiny House Newsletter! She has a passion for sharing tiny and small house stories and introducing you to new people, ideas, and homes.
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  • September 12, 2018, 8:48 pm

    I love your bus and love your story. Any chance you will be in Florida in November. If so, you will have the opportunity to be featured at the Nov. 10th tiny house event in Ruskin, Fl. on the west coast just south of St. Petersburg and Tampa. Then from there, the following week end on Nov. 16, 17 and 18th, you could head over to the other coast to the gigantic Tiny House event in Elkton also know as the St. Augustine area. There will be a lot of Tiny House enthusiasts camping out the days leading up to the event so lots of networking available. You can email me or call me at 727-224-9771 and I can arrange everything for you. There is no charge to attend and if interested you may be able to speak about your experiences and promote your blog or newsletter.

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