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Tiny Houses

Micro Aframe on a Trailer in NH 3

$6,000 Micro A-frame Cabin in NH

Now here’s something unique — an A-frame on a trailer! Now before you get too excited, the existing trailer isn’t road-worthy, so if you want to buy this 10×12 creation you’ll need to get it towed. But, if there was a way to get it on a new trailer, you could have a mobile a-frame! [...]

A New Beginning in Their Mold-Free Tiny Home. 2

A New Beginning in Their Mold-Free Tiny Home

Olivia Farabaugh is a singer-songwriter in the Nashville area who was diagnosed a few years ago with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) after living in an apartment riddled with black mold. Her health was rapidly declining, and they needed a way to control their environment — so they went tiny! This custom tiny house was [...]

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Timbercraft Tiny Homes Bunkhouse 3

Newest Timbercraft Tiny Homes Denali Bunkhouse

Here’s the latest Denali Bunkhouse model built by Timbercraft Tiny Homes for a client who wanted wants of natural light. There’s hardly a space in this tiny house that doesn’t have windows, so they definitely delivered! This model boasts a first floor bedroom with lofted ceilings. The actual loft in this house sits in the [...]

2020 NOAH RDI certified THOW in FL 11

2020 NOAH RDI Certified THOW in FL

Here’s a great starter tiny home for sale in Winter Haven, Florida. Everything but the interior was finished by professionals and inspected along the way, earning it a NOAH RDI certification for your peace of mind regarding what’s behind the walls. Inside, the home has a galley kitchen, 3/4 bathroom with a residential toilet, and [...]

Author & Husband Downsize from 3,000 to 320 Sq. Ft. 4

Author & Husband Downsize from 3,000 to 320 Sq. Ft.

Author Cate Beauman grew up poor, so when her writing career took off, she thought the logical next step was to buy all the bigger and better things. She and her husband got the 3,000 square foot house and were waiting to be happy. But when the happiness didn’t come (because they were so stressed [...]

Flamenco Tiny House by Baluchon with Half Circle Frame and Curved Red Roofing 0016

Flamenco Tiny House by Baluchon

The Flamenco tiny house is a one-of-a-kind, single-story model, built by Baluchon and available to purchase in Europe. It measures 24′ x 8.5′, and can accommodate up to 4 people. It includes a mezzanine, kitchen, living area, and bathroom. Its base price is $70,000. This tiny house has a half-circle frame, covered in a curved [...]

Custom 2020 Tumbleweed Tiny House with a Bidet in the Bathroom

Custom Tumbleweed Tiny House with a Bidet

This is a custom Tumbleweed tiny house on wheels with a bidet for sale out of Grass Valley, California. It’s offered for $105,000 or best offer on the Tiny Home Builders Tiny House Marketplace listing website. This cozy cabin on 26’ trailer has 200 square feet of living space, plus two sleeping lofts. Custom built [...]

Friland tiny house 6

Friland Tiny House on Northern Italian Cliff

Here’s a treasure! The tiny vacation homes set up by Friland are located in some magical spots in Northern Italy! These THOWs are designed as a way to relax and reconnect with nature, and you can see why. This particular cabin is on the Monte Prat plateau — essentially a dazzling mountain cliff. The tiny [...]

Beautiful, New Extra Long Boho For Sale Now

Beautiful, New Extra Long Boho For Sale Now

Here’s a beautiful new Boho that’s extra long at 23 feet. It has beautiful shou sugi ban paneling on the exterior, and inside there’s upgraded flooring. Like all Boho models, there’s no loft. Instead, you get a lovely queen-sized bed under a picture window. There’s open upper shelving around most of the walls, and the [...]

Tiny House on Wheels with 2.4 Acres of Land 56

Tiny House on Wheels with 2.4 Acres of Land

Start your tiny journey with this beautiful little log cabin tiny house on wheels with 2.4 acres of unrestricted land! It would make a lovely little homestead, flat and open, surrounded by forest with a little stream. The tiny house itself has both a loft and a first-floor bedroom. The covered front porch has views [...]

Monarca Kendall 1 1 with Loft w Land Lease Options 10

Park Model Tiny Home with Option for Lot Rent in Liberty Hill, Texas

This 399-square-foot park model tiny house is called the “Monarca Kendall 1/1” — it has a ground-floor bedroom and a bedroom loft with access via a staircase. The bathroom has a stunning walk-in tile shower and there’s a lot of storage in the kitchen. The covered front porch, however, is this home’s most remarkable feature.  [...]

2015 Tumbleweed Mica 4

2015 Tumbleweed Mica: Compact, Single-Level Tiny House

While the Tumbleweed brand might conjure up images of the “original” THOW with a little gable roof and 2×2 front porch, this 2015 Mica model has a much more modern bent. All on one level, you walk into the living room/bedroom area. There’s a little L-shaped kitchen with an induction cooktop and plenty of cabinetry. [...]

2017 Escape Tradition 20ft Tiny House for 50k 0013

Pre-owned Escape Tradition Tiny House For Sale

This is a pre-owned 2017 Escape Tradition tiny house on wheels that’s for sale out of Meadow Vista, California. It’s a beautiful 20-foot tiny home, 8.5 feet wide, with lots of storage, a king-size loft, kitchen, bathroom, living area with a fold-flat couch, storage loft, USB outlets, and more. It’s loaded with options and the [...]

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Cozy Tiny House with a Mudroom Entry Screened In Porch 002

Cozy Tiny House with Mudroom Porch

This is a 9′ x 32′ 2018 RAMT tiny house on wheels that’s for sale with an add-on screened-in porch/patio that can also act as a mudroom entry for the home. It’s listed out of Greenville, North Carolina for $46,500 over at this Tiny House Marketplace listing. The tiny home features a total of 18 [...]

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Beautifully-Remodeled 1959 Princess Ranchome

Beautifully-Remodeled 1959 Princess Ranchome

This 1959 Princess Ranchome has been entirely remodeled and is gleaming inside! At 400 square feet, it has a first floor bedroom, full bathroom and it can remain on site (with a monthly rent fee) or leave to wherever you want it. The galley kitchen has all full-sized appliances, including a stacked washer and dryer. [...]

8×22 Modern Tiny Home on Skids 1

8×22 Modern Tiny Home on Skids

Here’s a beautiful 8×22 modern tiny home on skids with no loft! The living room and bedroom share space, with a slatted bed frame with storage underneath that sit under a big picture window. There’s both an outdoor shower and an inside one — the interior one has beautiful green tiles and a glass shower [...]

Affordable Escape eBoho Go Tiny House Available Now 002

Newly Built Escape eBoho Go Tiny House For Sale

This is an affordable and newly built all-electric Escape eBoho Go tiny house that’s available immediately from the builder. The tiny house is only 16 feet long but it has an impressive list of features and amenities, including wrap-around windows that are all operable, a kitchen with a large solid multi-functional butcher block top, a [...]

He Finished His $15K Tiny House w No Experience 2

He Finished His $15K Tiny House w/ No Experience!

Do you remember David Rule’s tiny house that he started building last summer? Well, he finished it for a grand total of $15,000! And he documented the entire thing in a recap video below, which just might be the most entertaining tiny house video I’ve ever watched. The end result is a completely off-grid home [...]

$50,000 Tiny Home with Tall Loft 10

$50,000 Tiny Home with Tall Loft

Here’s a nearly-new tiny house for sale in Gaston, South Carolina for $50,000. At 24-feet long it’s a decent mid-size THOW that has plenty of room for a living space and galley kitchen. They went with ladder access to a loft bedroom in this home, but you’ll be surprised at how much headroom there is [...]

Tiny House by the Marsh 8

Cute & Quirky Tiny House by the Marsh

Donelle’s father left her some lovely property by a marsh, and she had promised him she’d do something great with it — so she had a lovely little cottage built on it, and plans on having a treehouse built in the future! This 320 sq. ft. cottage has a garage underneath and the living space [...]

Missouri THOW just $25K 99

This Missouri THOW is Just $25K

Here’s an affordable 18-foot tiny house for sale in Missouri. It has everything you need for full-time living including a compact kitchen (you get to choose the sink size/style!), a bathroom with a shower stall and a futon bed in the living space — no loft! For just $25,000, it’s quite the steal. The color [...]

Two People, Two Dogs & Two Cats in One Tiny Cottage 4

Life in their 372-sq.-ft. Tiny Cottage in the Woods

When rent was about to hike up again, Eric and Gladys wanted to look for a less expensive and more sustainable long-term option. By chance, they landed on the perfect little cottage for sale on Facebook Marketplace that they could put on a wooded patch of land owned by Gladys’ parents. The 372 sq. ft. [...]

Bofin Modern Tiny Living 20

The Bofin: Modern 24-foot Tiny House on Wheels by Modern Tiny Living

Named after an Irish island that Julie (the owner) loves, “Bofin” is designed as a full-time residence meant to travel the country! It prioritizes the living space and kitchen, with a spacious U-shaped couch that has tons of storage underneath. The galley kitchen has an oven, fridge, and inlaid sink, and there’s a compact bathroom [...]

Sunshine Cottage 9

25-ft. Gooseneck Tiny House with a Standing Room Loft

This cute tiny home, dubbed the “Sunshine Cottage,” acted as a guest house in south Texas for a couple of years but is ready for a new address! Best part? No loft! The gooseneck bedroom has adequate headroom for most people. You walk into the kitchen which features a small fridge, hotplate, and other little [...]

28′ Kenai Tiny Home RV 11

This Tiny House has a Unique Layout with a Loft Kitchen!

Now, we’ve seen tiny homes with living rooms in a half-loft situation, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone put a kitchen on top! There’s a little cave bedroom underneath the kitchen with lots of windows and built-in storage to keep it from being claustrophobic. This newest Kenai model from Tiny Idahomes also [...]

Escape Boho XL Tiny House Available Now 002

Escape Boho XL Tiny House on Discount

This is a newly built Escape Boho XL Tiny House on Wheels that’s available immediately with a $5,500 discount. This beautiful tiny house boasts a full bathroom, a private bedroom with a walk-around bed, plenty of storage, and a large dining area that can also be used as a workspace. Don’t miss other awesome tiny [...]

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30’ Tiny House w Full Size Appliances r5

30-Foot Tiny House w/ Full-Size Appliances

This beautiful 30′ tiny home was built in 2017 and has been a home up until recently. The builders are getting started on building their forever home and are selling this tiny house in Minnesota. The asking price is $80,000. The 250-square-foot tiny house features a large loft bedroom accessible by some modular storage stairs. [...]

Gorgeous Luxury NOAH Certified Modern Farmhouse THOW 3

Gorgeous Luxury NOAH-Certified Modern Farmhouse THOW

Looking for a stunning tiny house? This Noah-Certified THOW features the popular modern farmhouse aesthetic with a mix of white shiplap and dark stained wood features. It has a main bedroom loft and secondary guest/storage loft with a comfortable living space underneath. The galley kitchen has a four-burner cooktop and room for an apartment-style refrigerator, [...]

One-of-A-Kind Fat Barrel 11

One-of-A-Kind Fat Barrel Cross Between Airstream & Wine Barrel

If you live in California, you might want to get one of these amazing Fat Barrel homes, “where Airstream meets wine barrel.” Fat Barrel Studios builds and installs these units (only in California) for $65,000, but you can also purchase plans to build your own! Not interested in owning one, or you’d rather try it [...]

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Their Incredible Custom THOW w Arches & 2 Baths

Custom Tiny House Boasts 2 Baths and Impressive Arched Features

Carmen and Bill were living in a 5,000-square-foot home and decided it was time to retire and seriously downsize. But their smaller home is anything but simple! They have two bathrooms, a mudroom, and an expansive kitchen with a half dishwasher. Underneath their standing-loft bedroom is what they call the “basement” where they have a [...]

Newly Built Escape eONE Tiny House Available (2023)

Escape eOne Tiny House Available

Escape has a new eOne tiny house just built and available now. This modern tiny home features large windows, an all-wood interior, and two spacious lofts that are connected via catwalk. There’s a video and photo tour below to enjoy along with more information about the unit at the bottom of this page. This all [...]

The Fox Tiny House 3

The Fox Tiny House for Family of Three

Soren and his parents purchased this beautiful tiny house from Baluchon which they’re taking to a home in the Alps. He loves foxes, and chose to name their tiny house “Fox” in Danish. He has a spot on the couch-to-bed in the living room, while his parents have a queen bed in the ladder-accessible loft. [...]

2018 triple axle Kangaroo THOW 2

2018 Triple Axle Kangaroo THOW For Sale

Looking for a pre-loved tiny house with no loft? This 2018 Triple Axle Kangaroo THOW features a Murphy-Bed-over-couch setup on hydraulics that’s easy to convert from night to day. French doors lead into the kitchen of the tiny home, where you’ll find lots of honey-colored cabinets, stained-glass, and apartment-sized appliances. The bathroom has a composting [...]