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Tiny Houses

Introducing our Pre-Loved Kootenay A Tiny Home with a Heart 8

A Pre-Loved Kootenay: A Tiny Home with a Heart

Here’s a beautiful pre-loved Kootenay that’s looking for a new home! The original owner is moving into assisted living but wants the tiny house community to get a chance at enjoying their home for many more years. This model has a spacious loft bedroom accessible via a storage staircase. There’s a bathroom with a Separette [...]

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Ocoee Double Loft Tiny Home 3

Ocoee: Bright & Bold Double Loft Tiny Home

Meet the Ocoee! This stunning tiny house model features a unique two-loft design where each loft has a landing with a standing clearance of 6 feet. This nice touch makes it easier to get dressed and get into bed without excessive crawling. Besides the lofts, the house boasts plenty of storage between two staircases and [...]

Musicians & Kids 5 Years in the Bus 2

Musicians & Kids: 5 Years in their Bus

Shane & Emily of Arbour Season have been on the road now for many years, five of those with kids in tow! They built their own DIY skoolie with pallet wood cabinets, a galvanized tub from the feed store, and a big two-basin sink to make it easier to wash and dry dishes. The bus [...]

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The Rutlage Wind River Tiny Homes 6

The Rutledge 38′ Tiny House by Wind River Tiny Homes

Wind River does it again with their gorgeous Rutledge model. At 38′ long, it’s a big home, but that allows for a spacious, private first-floor bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, as well as a king-sized loft accessible via storage stairs. There’s also no lack of counter space in this model, with a unique kitchen layout [...]

Issue 128 Tiny House Magazine 2

Death of DIY?! Tiny House Magazine Issue 128

When the tiny house movement started, most tiny homes were DIY builds. Nowadays, there are hundreds of professional THOW builders — is DIY dead? Explore that and so much more in the newest issue of the Tiny House Magazine! You’ll also read an interview with a couple who built their family tiny house and another [...]

30′ Etowah from Wind River Tiny Homes 2

One-Floor Tiny Home with Walk-Around Queen Bedroom: Etowah by Wind River Tiny Homes

A couple of weeks ago we showed you the beautiful Pingora model from Wind River Tiny Homes, and today we’re showing off one of their single-level homes called the “Etowah.” The house comes in a few lengths, and you can see a 32′ one below. This one has been outfitted with modern farmhouse finishes which [...]

ALONE Contestant Builds $5K Vardo 3

Alone Contestant Builds $5K Vardo Tiny Home

Brooke is a wilderness survivalist and was a contestant on the History Channel’s “ALONE” — and now she’s a tiny house builder! Her amazing Vardo tiny home took her just 2 months and $5,000 in materials to build. The off-grid space has awesome wooden cutouts on the exterior that show different scenes which are important [...]

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Living Large in Limited Space: Grand Sojourner’s Living Room Slide-Out!

A while back we introduced you to the Grand Sojourner from Häuslein. While that version featured a ground-floor bedroom, this second layout of that model uses that area for the living room, with a nice slide-out for the couch. Like the original model, this one has a large galley kitchen with beautiful butcher block countertops. [...]


The Luna Tiny House on Wheels by Hauslein in Australia

The Luna is a stunning one-floor model from Häuslein in Australia. The 27′ tiny house offers a private first-floor bedroom with a built-in closet, a living room slide-out for a comfortable couch, and a beautiful galley kitchen with a tile backsplash. There’s a small bathroom at the end of the THOW with a shower stall, [...]

Fully-Renovated 40′ Keystone Montana High Country

Fully-Renovated 40′ 5th Wheel Travel Trailer

Christine is selling the lovely 40′ Keystone Montana High Country that she renovated. She’s made some great upgrades to the rig, which you’re sure to enjoy. The motorhome has a large living area/kitchen, a secondary sitting room/office, and a spacious bedroom in the gooseneck. Oh, and did I mention there are two bathrooms in this [...]

ESCAPE One Unite for woman 4

Moving from DC Area to Tampa Tiny Village!

Stefanie Mortenson purchased her One XL unit in The Oaks Tiny House Community in Tampa, Florida sight unseen! She had loved the video tour she watched and snatched up this unit as soon as  it went for presale back in March. She moved into the spot in May after living just outside of DC for [...]


Häuslein’s Sojourner Tiny House with Slide Out and Standing Loft

Häuslein is an Australian tiny house builder that produces some truly gorgeous homes, such as the “version 3” of the Sojourner. This 26.5′ tiny house includes a slide-out in the living room, a storage staircase, and a landing in the main loft which allows you to stand upright as you get into bed. You’ll adore [...]

Their $35K New Mexico-Inspired Bus Conversion 3

Their $35K New Mexico-Inspired Bus Conversion with Clay Interior

Jake and Felicia were actively searching for a home in 2020 when they decided they weren’t quite ready to put down roots forever. Seeing #vanlife on Instagram and YouTube inspired them to impulsively purchase a bus before they even had a spot to park it! They slowly converted the bus into their home on wheels, [...]

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High Tech Self-Sustaining Off-Grid Tiny Home

High-Tech, Self-Sustaining Tiny Home by Living Vehicle

There are tiny homes, and then there are high-tech, wildly-innovative, self-sustaining off-grid tiny homes! This “Living Vehicle” has it all, and it’s incredible. And did I mention there’s no loft bedroom? This home is designed to put set anywhere with no need for the grid in any capacity, allowing people to purchase remote land to [...]

Lénai Bunkhouse Gooseneck 4

Two-Bedroom Tiny House with a Home Office

The “Lénai” is the newest version of the 36′ Bunkhouse model from Indigo River Tiny Homes. Custom-built for a client, this iteration has an office/sitting room in the gooseneck, with a spare bedroom on the first floor. A galley kitchen takes up most of the main area, with a full bathroom on one end with [...]

OSLO $110,000 89

The OSLO Two-Story Tiny House by Little Byron

The OSLO by Little Byron, an Australian tiny house builder, is a stunning contemporary tiny house featuring a second-floor bedroom in which you can stand up! It also has large French doors that connect the living room with the outdoors. The kitchen has an eat-in island, a two-burner cooktop, and a 3/4 bathroom with a [...]

Their Awesome THOW w Stand up bedroom 4

Married in Their Tiny Home with an Office

Shelby and her husband decided to downsize into a tiny home after the frustration of paying for a hefty mortgage on their home. Living in a tiny house community in California has allowed them to reduce their payments and enjoy more time not working! The house was a floor plan from Shaye’s Tiny Homes (in [...]

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Tiny House Duplex: Escape 40-ft. Double Boho Tiny House

Well, here’s something different! A tiny house duplex. Built for the original portion of the ESCAPE tiny house village in Tampa, this double Boho was built for Palm Court. It’s not for sale anymore, but seeing the idea is fun! Now, one of the units could still be available for rent. It’s listed right here [...]

Off-Grid Workshop United Tiny Homes 2

Off-Grid Workshop! Sept 15-17 w/ United Tiny Homes

Get excited! If you’ve ever wanted to learn about living off-grid, this workshop could be your answer. Learn about rainwater collection, turning waste into fuel, solar set-ups and much more. You’ll even get to tour multiple off-grid tiny homes the host couple have built and rent on Airbnb. Fin and John have tons of experience [...]

Catskills Tiny House Workshop 7

This August 25-26: The Next Catskills Tiny House Workshop!

The Catskills Tiny House Workshop, two hours northwest of NYC, is having another two-day class on August 25th and 26th—teaching people how to design, move, and oversee-the-building of their own small house. The $495 fee (there are couple’s and group discounts) includes accommodations in three different tiny houses, all meals, sample blueprints, sample written plans, [...]


Modern Tiny House with Plywood Interior

Here’s another lovely tiny house by Atomic Homes, this one with a “modern” look, complete with a plywood interior and black finishes. Like the “farmhouse” model we’ve shown you, it has a main floor bedroom with closets and upper cabinet storage. The home has all you’ll need for full-time living, including an oven, washer/dryer combo [...]

ORCA POD Models QUail

Prefab Pod Homes by ORCA

ORCA has a revolutionary new way of providing people and communities with steel-framed prefab homes built with pop-up factories that help reduce overhead. They offer a variety of home sizes and layouts, all with a modern feel and luxurious upgrade options. Below you’ll find a video tour of one of their pop-up factories and one [...]

26′ Liv-Connected Via Standard Ground Floor Bedroom 24

26′ Liv-Connected Tiny House with Standard Ground Floor Bedroom

If you’re in the market for a beautiful single-level tiny house, this 26′ one designed by Liv-Connected, manufactured by ATOMIC Homes, and sold by Endeavor might be the perfect option! It’s a studio-style layout, but the bedroom is separated from the living space just slightly by the bathroom. The home is sleek and modern, with [...]

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Family Living in $25K THOW for 7 Years 12

Family Living in $25K Tiny House for 7 Years

Tiny homes don’t have to be expensive, and they don’t have to be temporary! That’s what this awesome family of four has shown — they’ve been living in their $25K DIY tiny home for the past 7 years, and their once-little kids are now preteens. They plan to put one more year into the THOW [...]

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Incredible Unfolding Mansion in Costa Rica 4

Expanding Fold-A-Mansion Tiny House in Costa Rica by Larry Windes

This “Fold-A-Mansion,” or “FAM” for short, is the amazing design of architect Larry Windes. He built the expanding, fold-out home on a trailer in Costa Rica, where it’s available for short-term rentals or for sale (without the land). When unfolded, the small home boasts a ground-floor and upstairs bedroom. Because of the lifted roof, you [...]

Sandpiper by Orca 2

418 Sq. Ft. Sandpiper: New Prefab Home by ORCA

Steel-built prefab homes are a new way to tackle the housing crisis, and ORCA has just released their Sandpiper model, a 418 sq. ft. tiny house that’s built using a pop-up factory — sometimes on-site! There’s no trailer, which allows for the 13-foot width that leaves the home feeling extra spacious. ORCA also takes advantage [...]

VIA 28′ Standard Tiny Home w Loft Bedroom

28-ft. VIA Tiny Home with First Floor Bedroom by Atomic Homes

This is the “VIA” model from Atomic Homes, which manages to fit a spacious first-floor bedroom and a kids’ loft with a storage staircase in just 28 feet. You walk into the living room area that boasts a large picture window for plenty of natural light. There’s a galley kitchen under the loft that sits [...]

24’ Pingora build 8

Pingora Tiny House with a Living Room Loft by Wind River Tiny Homes

Here is a beautiful 24′ Pingora model tiny house that starts at $88,400* by Wind River Tiny Homes that was just completed for a client in July. The Pingora features a “reverse loft,” where the living room is in the lofted area and a bedroom (4 feet-high) is underneath. You walk into the galley kitchen [...]

M2.4-20ft Green Cabs-45

Tru Form Tiny M2 Tiny House

Tru Form Tiny has built more than 150 stunning custom tiny homes over the years, and their M2 models are a new way to meet the needs of the tiny house community. These units are already built and ready as-is! The gorgeous, moody interiors have an industrial-modern edge. The unit below is available now with [...]

$35K Tiny Blue House 9

$35K Tiny House in Tennessee: 240-sq.-ft. Cabin on Skids

Looking for an affordable tiny house? This tiny house — on skids — is only $35k! While yes, you’ll need to pay for transport, if you live anywhere near Johnson City, Tennessee (where it currently resides) it might be the perfect affordable housing option. What I love most about this tiny home (besides the price) [...]

N2 Mid Century Modern THOW 3

N2 Mid Century Modern THOW in the Oaks Tampa Bay Village

Do you remember this lovely N2 model sold by ESCAPE a few months ago? Well, here’s another one that’s going into The Oaks Tampa Bay Village and is available now for $169,450. The first-floor private bedroom boasts a walk-around King-sized bed with lots of additional storage. There’s a full bathroom with a one-piece tub and [...]

Average Brad’s Amazing Sailboat Conversion

Tiny Living, Big Healing: Brad’s Sailboat Transformation

If you’ve been reading our content for a while, you know Brad even if you don’t think you do. He’s been recording and editing many of the video tours we show you from Tiny Home Tours! And he also lives tiny in his sailboat named “Stinger.” Brad wanted to travel for his photography work, and [...]

The Dollhouse 330sqft 81

The Dollhouse Tiny House on Wheels

Here’s a gorgeous pre-owned tiny house on wheels called “The Dollhouse.” This family has been living in the home for the past four years but is jumping into van life, so they’re selling the 330 sq. ft. house for $80,000 in Hitchcock, Texas. This home features a loft living room with a sneaky kids’ room [...]