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Tiny Houses

Their Incredible Custom THOW w Arches & 2 Baths

Their Incredible Custom THOW w Arches & 2 Baths

Carmen and Bill were living in a 5,000-square-foot home and decided it was time to retire and seriously downsize. But their smaller home is anything but simple! They have two bathrooms, a mudroom, and an expansive kitchen with a half dishwasher. Underneath their standing-loft bedroom is what they call the “basement” where they have a [...]

Newly Built Escape eONE Tiny House Available (2023)

Escape eOne Tiny House Available

Escape has a new eOne tiny house just built and available now. This modern tiny home features large windows, an all-wood interior, and two spacious lofts that are connected via catwalk. There’s a video and photo tour below to enjoy along with more information about the unit at the bottom of this page. This all [...]

The Fox Tiny House 3

The Fox Tiny House for Family of Three

Soren and his parents purchased this beautiful tiny house from Baluchon which they’re taking to a home in the Alps. He loves foxes, and chose to name their tiny house “Fox” in Danish. He has a spot on the couch-to-bed in the living room, while his parents have a queen bed in the ladder-accessible loft. [...]

2018 triple axle Kangaroo THOW 2

2018 Triple Axle Kangaroo THOW For Sale

Looking for a pre-loved tiny house with no loft? This 2018 Triple Axle Kangaroo THOW features a Murphy-Bed-over-couch setup on hydraulics that’s easy to convert from night to day. French doors lead into the kitchen of the tiny home, where you’ll find lots of honey-colored cabinets, stained-glass, and apartment-sized appliances. The bathroom has a composting [...]

Writer Living Debt-Free in Her Tiny Home

Writer Living Debt-Free in Her Tiny Home

Alaska wanted to live a beautiful — and free — life. Tiny living took away her biggest expense — housing — allowing her to live debt-free and enjoy the things she really cares about. She was able to purchase her tiny home second-hand back in 2020, and has been enjoying it ever since! Oh, and [...]

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Tiny Home Built on a Humvee Chasis 3

Tiny Home Built on a Humvee Chasis

Mr. Wolf originally convinced his wife into a skoolie conversion, so long as he built it out like a home. But after some trips, they realized it couldn’t get them where they wanted to go! So Mr. Wolf had an idea – build a 4×4 Overlanding rig on a Humvee chassis. Using aluminum and marine-grade [...]

eONE XL for sale 10

Rare Escape eONE XL Tiny House For Sale

Here’s a brand new and rare Escape eONE XL tiny house from ESCAPE that has some awesome upgrades like a tile shower, sliding patio door, and gorgeous dark bronze metal siding. The home is entirely run on electricity and has two large lofts connected by a wide breezeway. The galley kitchen includes an oven and [...]

Completely Off Grid DIY Tiny Home w Rainwater Catchment 8

Completely Off-Grid DIY Tiny Home w/ Rainwater Catchment

Perlin was tired of living with roommates and was passionate about sustainable living, so building an off-grid tiny homemade perfect sense. He lives in Byron Bay, Australia, where he has a solar-powered tiny house with a rainwater catchment system. The entire home is steel-framed. Enjoy the photo tour and Q&A with Perlin below! Don’t miss [...]

2019 Ford Transit Conversion 6

Cute And Cozy 2019 Ford Transit Conversion

This 2019 Ford Transit has a charming and cozy home-like feel. Honey-colored floors and upper cabinets contrast beautifully with the mint green lower cabinets. There’s a unique bathroom at the back of the van, with an indoor shower, sink, and toilet (you use a shower curtain to keep water off the bed). Under the queen-sized [...]

20′ Classic Floor Plan 8

20′ Indigo River Tiny Home w/ Amazing Half Loft

Here’s a great 20′ tiny home that puts a unique twist on a loft. It features a half loft — on the bottom half is the bedroom, and on the top is the living room with plenty of standing room. This means no climbing downstairs in the middle of the night to the bathroom (which [...]

$39K for 146 sq ft THOW New Construction 8

$39K for 146 sq ft THOW New Construction

This new construction THOW is 146 sq. ft. and has a loft bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom and a little space for a recliner or other comfy living room chair. It features a moody aesthetic, with dark turquoise walls and dark wood on the floors and ceilings. At just 16 ft by 8 ft, it’s easy [...]

kokomo van for sale by owner 12

Kokomo Van w/ Just 1,000 Miles For Sale

The Kokomo van went on just one expedition before the owners got a difficult medical diagnosis and now need to sell it. Nearly brand new, it was professionally built by Boho.Life. The buyer can pick it up in Sebastopol, California. The van has both a fixed bed and a dinette with seating for two. A [...]

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All-electric eVista with upgrades 3

All-Electric eVista Tiny House with Upgrades For Sale

Do you love one-floor tiny house designs? Look no further than the all-electric eVista model from ESCAPE. This model is available now with a number of upgrades for a discounted price. The eVista has an electric cooktop, a built-in bedroom area with tons of upper storage, and a comfortable-sized bathroom. Take a look below! Don’t [...]

Non toxic eco friendly tiny house 8

$45K for Non-Toxic Eco-Friendly THOW

Here’s a lovely 36-foot tiny house that’s for sale in Alabama for $45,000 as is. A family was building this non-toxic, eco-friendly tiny house to live in, but land issues are forcing them to sell. The house has no loft, but rather a huge family-size bedroom that fits a twin and a queen bed! There’s [...]

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Paying Off Student Loans in Their Tiny House on Wheels 4

Paying Off Student Loans in Their Tiny House on Wheels

This couple had more than $100,000 in student loan debt and being able to purchase a home was a far-off dream, but going tiny allowed them to have their own space at an affordable price. They had the THOW professionally built, and they live in the Acony Bell Tiny House Community in North Carolina. Their [...]

Former Vanlifers Create DIY THOW

From Van Life to Building a Tiny House

Ally and Truman were in college dreaming about van life, and upon graduation, they made their dreams a reality. But when they were done traveling, they just couldn’t imagine going back to “normal” life. So they started dreaming of a tiny house on wheels! They worked hard and built their custom home from the trailer [...]

1957 Vintage Aljo 13

Beautifully Renovated 1957 Vintage Aljo

Renovated vintage campers have so much charm and make great options for travelling around the country. This 1957 Vintage Aljo has been totally overhauled, and the result is a comfortable and bright camper. It has a dinette, a couch that becomes a bed and a little kitchen area in the middle. It’s for sale right [...]

Big Bertha Indigo River Tiny Homes

32×10 Big Bertha Tiny Home Sleeps 6!

It’s always amazing how much more spacious the 10-foot-wide tiny homes feel compared to the 8-foot-wide ones, and this “Big Bertha” from Indigo River Tiny Homes is no exception. You especially feel it in the U-shaped kitchen on the far end of the tiny home. The primary bedroom is a loft with standing room around [...]

Their Cork Ceiling ProMaster Van Conversion 2

Their Cozy Cork Ceiling ProMaster Van Conversion

Craig and Tanya are enjoying their midlife years in their ProMaster van conversion. They have a unique cork ceiling and fabric-covered plywood panels to absorb lots of sound inside the van. They didn’t want to tear down and put up a bed, so they have a stationary one, as well as a convertible couch/eating area. [...]

Their DIY 24×24 Cabin in Alaska 2

Their DIY 24×24 Cabin in Alaska

Rodney and Marcel worked together to turn a shed kit into a beautiful 24×24 cabin in Alaska, complete with a 10×24 covered front porch and two queen-sized bedrooms. The bedrooms and full bathroom span the back of the home, but in the front, there’s a lovely great room with a living room and kitchen built [...]


From 3,000 Sq. Ft. Home to RV Motorhome w/ 3 Teens!

Would you sell your 3,000-square-foot home to move into an RV with your three teenagers? Well, that’s what the Smith family did — four years ago! And they’re still going strong, visiting as many National Parks as possible and gathering Junior Ranger badges along the way. Their Class A Motorhome has all the bells and [...]

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Family Rebuilds with 3 Tinies After a Fire 10

Family Rebuilds with 3 Tiny Homes After California Fire

Nicole and her family lost their 2,000 sq. ft. home in California in a fire. When they found out they were $500K underinsured, they decided to pivot and purchase three tiny homes instead of rebuilding. They get to stay on their land and have adjusted well to tiny living. Her two older sons use the [...]

Major Discount on ESCAPE ONE Model 5 (1)

Major Discount on ESCAPE ONE Model

Here’s the deal of the year on an ESCAPE tiny house! This slightly used ESCAPE ONE model has been recently updated and you can get it for $26K off the regular price. Like all ONE models, it has beautiful double lofts, a galley kitchen, and a living room with a huge picture window. Enjoy the [...]

Health Professional’s Office Tiny Home. 17

Health Professional’s Office Tiny Home

This 13-foot tiny house was designed as an office for a health professional, and I can hardly think of a more lovely spot to have an office visit! There’s a comfortable bench for patients, a consultation desk with sleek chairs, and even a 3/4 bathroom with a shower. A mini wood-burning stove provides warmth during [...]

Warm & Traditional 30 ft THOW No Loft. 4

Warm & Traditional 30 ft THOW: No Loft

We’ve recently seen many wonderful, functional tiny homes right around that 30-foot length. It seems to be just long enough to allow for a bed on the first floor while still including living room, kitchen, and bathroom space. There’s a small loft that would work great for storage and a lovely ceiling fan! The bathroom [...]

Retiring on Social Security in Her Tiny Home 2

Retiring on Social Security in Her Tiny Home

Luanne was looking for a way to retire comfortably, and living in a tiny house built by Incredible Tiny Homes in one of their communities provided her with that opportunity. She has a custom-built home on a lovely wooded lot that meets all her needs. Even as a retiree, she chose a loft bedroom with [...]

20 Ft Container Home Far Out Tiny 6

20 Ft Container Home from Far Out Tiny

Love single-level tiny homes? Then container homes are a great option! This one utilizes a Murphy bed to maximize space inside the 20-foot-long container. Built by Far Out Tiny Homes, it’s a great custom build with a tiled shower, compact kitchen, and neat under-counter hanging storage. Would you like a container? Don’t miss other interesting [...]

30ft tiny home 56

30 Ft Tiny Home with First Floor Bedroom For Sale

Here’s a beautiful tiny home that’s all one floor for sale in Texas. It has all you need for full-time living, including a lovely kitchen with full-sized appliances. There’s a bathroom with a glass-door walk-in shower, and the bedroom has tons of rooms to walk around the bed and plenty of built-in storage for a [...]

His Single Floor Park Model in Tiny Home Community

His Single Floor Park Model in Tiny Home Community

Braden downsized from a 1000-square-foot home into this amazing 400-square-foot park model at Village Farm in Austin. He’s really hoping that the tiny house movement will result in smaller homes and taller trees! His tiny house has an awesome layout, with a compact, but functional, ground-floor bedroom with plenty of closet space. What do you [...]

Naivasha Tiny House 01

Naivasha Tiny House in Tasmanian Bush

Here’s a beautiful, secluded tiny house vacation tucked into the Tasmanian Bush. It’s everything warm and cozy, with a perfect reading nook with green velvet cushions and a modern wood-burning stove. There are warm wood tones everywhere, from the kitchen cabinets to the bathroom vanity. The little kitchenette has all you need to make simple [...]

Images: @magjagpottery

Her DIY Pottery Studio Tiny House!

Originally, Maggie and her father were thinking of building a full-time-residence tiny home, but when her pottery hobby really took off back in 2020, the two decided a mobile pottery studio was in order. Their 12×8 creation is absolutely stunning, and it has heating, AC, electricity, and plumbing. It acted as her storefront for a [...]

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Grandma & Grandson Build Awesome Micro THOW 9

Grandma & Grandson Build Awesome Micro THOW

Remember tiny-house-extraordinaire Marsha? She’s built 8 (or 9?) different amazing tiny homes, and recently helped her 19-year-old grandson build a micro THOW to sell! Due to lots of unexpected happenings this fall (read the story below), Marsha finished up the building process on her own. This little tiny home fits a bed and a kitchenette [...]

She Built Her $40K Tiny Home with Cash

She Built Her $40K Tiny Home with Cash

Amanda is a sweet girl who knew what she wanted and made it happen. She worked multiple jobs, moved in with her mom, and her dad offered to use his skills to work alongside her most of the way. With each paycheck she got, she purchased the next piece she needed for her tiny home. [...]