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Tiny Houses

Student-Built THOW 6

Student-Built THOW For Sale in Ohio: $49K

The students at EHOVE Career Center in Ohio built this amazing tiny house, and the sale will pay for next years’ build! They are asking $49,000. Experts in construction, carpentry, electricity, plumbing, insulation, heating, flooring and interior design assisted the students to make sure you’re getting a quality home sweet home! Plus there’s an elevator [...]

Wilhite – 39′ 9

Fancy Tiny House With Bedroom And Wardrobes

This is Indigo River Tiny Home’s fanciest model yet — a 39-foot gooseneck THOW complete with two storage lofts, a living room gooseneck, and a ground-floor bedroom with built-in wardrobes. The owners added tons of upgrades to make this a truly luxurious tiny home. Especially in tiny homes, the kitchens and living rooms tend to [...]

Retiree’s Park Model w Crafting Room 2

Her Retirement Park Model Tiny House with a Crafting Room

Brandy retired just before 2020, and the pandemic set her on a new path to tiny living. She’s honest about her downsize — it hasn’t been easy to purge her items or give up wall space for relatives’ artwork. But she’s also found ways to make the space work for her, including using her downstairs [...]

Empty Nester’s Little Homie Skoolie Conversion 2

Empty Nester’s Little Homie Skoolie Conversion

When their kids moved out, Mike and Jenny decided to go tiny! Or, Jenny did and Mike said, “sure” haha. Despite choosing to downsize significantly, the couple brought in elements and inspiration from their big home in designing their little one. It took about 7 months for them to complete the build, and every detail [...]

Architect & Wife’s 193 Sq. Ft. Micro House in Tokyo

Architect & Wife’s 193 Sq. Ft. Tiny House in Tokyo

This Japanese architect purchased a tiny plot of land in Tokyo and created this amazing tiny home for him and his wife. It’s 18 square meters (around 200 square feet) large, and despite the tiny size, the architect says they aren’t living “minimally.” He made space for a large fridge for his wife, as well [...]

Tiny house towing

Tiny House Towing & Transporation: Companies to Consider!

While some tiny homes are small or light enough to transport on your own with the right vehicle, others like Park Models, or oversized homes, are best left to professional moving companies. Or maybe you just don’t want the risk of DIY-ing such an important thing — no shame hiring professionals. It’s your home after [...]

Nat & Tom’s THOW w Epic Shoe Collection! 2

Nat & Tom’s THOW with Epic Shoe Collection!

Going tiny means you have to sacrifice *some* things, but Nat and Tom are a perfect example of making room for the things you really love! Despite living in under 300 square feet, they made space for their extensive shoe collection, using them as decor in their living area. The couple live at Tiny House [...]

Tiny A-Frame Cabin Plans by Solarcabin 7

Tiny A-Frame Cabin Plans by Solarcabin

Here’s another great set of plans from LaMar! These will help you build an 8×8 A-Frame, which can make an awesome little hunting cabin, outdoor office, chicken coop or even a micro tiny house if you have an outhouse of some sort. It comes with step-by-step photo instructions that LaMar posted to Instructables. He also [...]

“Incred-I-Box” 8’x16’ for $20k 3

16-ft. Assembly-line Tiny House for $25k by Incredible Tiny Homes

I’ve never been more excited to show you a tiny home before! Introducing the “Incred-I-Box” — an 8×16 tiny house on wheels that requires *no* DIY to live in it for just $25,000. Truly affordable — and comfortable — housing. These homes will be made on an assembly line and won’t come with any modifications [...]

Cozy, Light-filled & Airy Truform Tiny home For Sale 9

Cozy, Light-filled & Airy Truform Tiny Home For Sale

Here’s your chance to purchase a stunning Truform Tiny Home from it’s second owner. The 30-foot tiny home has two lofts, a ground-floor bed in the living area, and a beautiful kitchen with all the amenities. The tiny house has oodles of windows, French doors, white walls and light wooden accents that make the whole [...]

CABN Chloe 10

Off-Grid ‘Chloe CABN’ Tiny House in Barossa Valley, Australia

You might see Kangaroos if you choose this off-grid THOW tucked in the Australian bush for your next vacation. CABN Chloe is one of CABN’s handful of stunning sleek vacation properties that have a Scandinavian vibe sure to take you back to nature. Like the Getaway cabins here in North America, CABN wants you to [...]

Bama Hideaway 2 12

David’s 14×16 Bama Hideaway Cottage Reno

Back in 2006, David inherited a 14×16 cabin on his grandfather’s homestead from his father. Since then, he’s slowly taken the empty cabin and made it an awesome nature getaway that he enjoys twice a year. David lives 600 miles away from his cabin, but spends a month there when he can. He added an [...]


Cottages on Vaughn: Half-Acre Pocket Neighborhood with Tiny Homes

It’s no surprise to anyone that there’s a housing crisis, and a need for more affordable and diverse housing options, but the folks at MicroLife Institute worked hard to do something about it. They teamed up with the city of Clarkson, Georgia — a suburb of Atlanta — to create a “micro pocket neighborhood” with [...]


Their Family Tiny House (2021 MiniMotives Tour)

This is a 2021 update of the MiniMotives family tiny house. You may remember Macy Miller, who originally built the tiny house over a decade ago for less than $12,000. Over the years, the tiny house has evolved as well as moved. See below to learn more! An updated tour of our tiny home which [...]

Mom & Uncle Build This

Mom & Uncle Build THOW for This Teen’s College Dorm

With the help of her brother, Holly built her daughter, Tilly, a tiny home to act as her college dorm! The pandemic made Holly and Tilly realize how little of their huge home they actually used, and Tilly had a lot of anxiety about what her future was going to look like. That’s when they [...]

Forest Garden Yurt Cabin in Missouri via Amanda-airbnb 001

Forest Garden Yurt Cabin with Companion Bathhouse

This is a Forest Garden Yurt designed and built by William Coperthwaite in the 1970s. Now it’s an Airbnb in the Ozark Forest of Galena, Missouri near Reed Spring. Forest Garden Yurts are wooden yurts designed and built by Bill Coperthwaite in the 1970s for Tom Hess and Lory Brown as home and pottery studio. [...]

380sf Tiny House with a Real Bedroom For Sale in SC 003

380-sq.-ft. Tiny House With A Bedroom (For Sale)

This is a 380-sq.-ft. tiny house with a bedroom. It’s for sale for $89,900 out of Campobello, South Carolina. Check it out! Don’t miss other tiny homes for sale, join our FREE Tiny Houses For Sale Newsletter for more! Tiny House With A Real Bedroom The tiny house has a nice kitchen with a large sink, plenty [...]

Tiny house Perseverance 7

Perseverance Tiny House w/ Floating Staircase

This Baluchon build was created for Estelle, Gaëtan and their cat Mina, who live in this tiny house all year round in Loire-Atlantique, France. The couple chose a design with two connected lofts in case they ever add a baby to their family! The 20-foot trailer includes everything you could want for a little family [...]

Retro 1969 School Bus Tiny House Conversion Night Time

One of a Kind School Bus Tiny House Conversion Built with Salvaged Materials

This is a 1969 International short school bus that was converted into the Old School B&B in British Columbia, Canada. It’s built with materials that were salvaged locally and it’s decorated with fun thrifted vintage items to bring us back to the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. The bus has a roof built above it to [...]

Special Ed Teacher’s 43-Foot Nomad Tiny House

Special Ed Teacher’s 43-ft. Tiny House in Austin

Nikki, a special education teacher in Austin, lives with her three dogs in a gorgeous 43-foot gooseneck tiny house built by Nomad Tiny Homes. She designed the layout, which includes a loft bedroom and gooseneck bedroom, galley kitchen, and an office space. Throughout her video tour, Nikki is honest about what works and what doesn’t [...]

2018 Escape One Tiny House For Sale in Maryland via B Sara Farley-Tiny House Marketplace 001

2018 Escape One Tiny House For Sale in Maryland

This is a 2018 Escape One Tiny House for sale in Maryland. Check it out and learn more below! Shugi ban wood exterior, all pine inside, painted white, many windows, fully insulated, with many amenities. This home has 4 separate heating systems: propane furnace, mini split for heat and air, 2 electric baseboard heaters and [...]

Modern Tumbleweed Tiny House For Sale in Los Angeles via Lauren-Tiny House Marketplace 001

2019 Tumbleweed Tiny House in LA For Sale

This is a 2019 Tumbleweed Tiny House in LA For Sale! It was lived in for a couple of years on a rented lot with a fenced yard. Added solar panels and battery, but can also be plugged into the grid. Has composting toilet but is plumbed for a flush toilet. On demand water heater. [...]

Small Cabin and Tiny House in Ashland via Zillow 001

This 994-sq.-ft. Cabin Comes With A Tiny House

This is a 994-sq.-ft. cabin that also comes with a 280-sq.-ft. tiny house that sleeps up to six guests. It’s built and located in Ashland, Oregon on leased land from the Bureau of Land Management. There are also two RV hook-ups on the property. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting tiny house-real estate, [...]

youtu.be-EL_1jxJdRQw (1)

Her Merry Christmas Tiny House

This Merry Christmas tiny house is a 10-ft. by 28-ft. tiny house on wheels built by Incredible Tiny Homes in Tennessee. It’s one of the tiny homes on the mountain by Incredible Tiny Homes and it’s all decorated for the 2021-22 holidays. Happy holidays and enjoy! Don’t miss other awesome tiny homes, join our FREE [...]

Woodberry’s Farm Treehouse 19

Woodberry’s Farm Treehouse w/ Tons of Rustic Accents

This magical 380 sq. ft. treehouse sits on Woodberry Farm in Tennessee — 94 lovely acres of rolling pasture and woodland. Guests not only get to sleep in this well-crafted cabin that includes a cozy gas fireplace, huge glass walls with farmland views, and reclaimed slate roofing tiles — they can go fishing on the [...]

Her Modern Tiny House in LA For Sale 0025

Selling Her 210-sq.-ft. Modern Tiny House in Los Angeles

She’s selling her 210-sq.-ft. modern tiny house on wheels in Los Angeles. It’s Arielle’s modern tiny house on wheels that she’s lived in for the last 6 years since she bought it from Tiny Heirloom in 2015. Currently, it is located in a mobile home park in Los Angeles, California. To keep it there, you [...]

We R Tiny Homes First Build 7

24-ft. Farmhouse Tiny House by We R Tiny Homes in Kansas

We R Tiny Homes is a new tiny house builder based in Wichita, Kansas and they just completed their first awesome tiny house build! The 24-foot THOW has a popular farmhouse-style interior, with shiplap walls, wood-appearance flooring, and floating shelves. It’s for sale for $59,500. I love that they lit each individual stair up to [...]

Family of 4 Sells 3 Bdrm Home for 42 Foot 5th Wheel

Family of 4 Trade House for RV Life

When the housing market started exploding, Nikki and Lindsay saw it as the perfect time to sell their 3-bedroom home and purchase a fifth wheel RV so they could travel the country with their two sons. Originally the RV was fairly outdated, with bulky (and heavy) furniture. But they added paint, wallpaper and new furniture [...]

Casas Acapulco Chile 8

David’s DIY A-frame Family Tiny Home

David has nearly 35 years of construction experience, and his business, “Casas Acapulco” in Mexico creates awesome custom trailers. But he contacted us to share his A-Frame cabin that he, his wife and six children built. He lives in it with his wife. The one bedroom, one bathroom cabin is about 336 square feet. It’s [...]


Luxurious Villa Max Park Model w/ Ground Floor Bedroom

This is a fantastic tiny house on wheels with all the bells and whistles, including a downstairs bedroom with slider doors that take you outside and let in tons of natural light. The Villa Max Park Model is built by Tru Form Tiny, and comes in at 36′ long. You can design your own version [...]

Kris’ Handmade Off-Grid Smallholding in Wales 3

Five Years in his $3k Cordwood Home

As a fellow homesteader/self-sufficient wannabe, Kris’ tour of his smallholding that he created from basically nothing for very little money is absolutely astounding. He’s planted 2,500 trees, built a solar array and hydroelectric plant, crafted his own cordwood home as well as a huge workshop, greenhouse, and multiple outbuildings all using — primarily — materials [...]

Shakalo 20′ 8

Shakalo 20-ft. Off-Grid Low-Maintenance Tiny House on Wheels

If you’re lucky enough to own some extra land somewhere, putting a tiny house there for personal family vacations is a great way to get a lower-cost vacation property! That’s what this Colorado couple did. They reached out to Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses to have an off-grid, low maintenance THOW built and delivered to their [...]

Lander Metal SIP Rocky Mountain Tiny House 21 45

29-Foot Gooseneck Built from Metal SIP Panels

A traveling teacher was looking for a home she could tow with her wherever her job required, so she contacted Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses about building a gooseneck THOW out of metal SIPs (structurally insulated panels) that would be easier to tow than a stick-built tiny home. The result is a fantastic  29-foot THOW, filled [...]

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