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Four Window Short Bus Becomes Beautiful Home 2

Four-Window Short Bus Becomes Beautiful Home

Audrey was a nurse and Brad had come to the States from Australia for school. When they met, pursuing their dream of traveling the country in a converted shortbus. They just recently found a place they want to settle down, so the bus is for sale. It has a beautiful long countertop with a big [...]

Milton Hershey School Tiny House 5

Students Build THOW for Local Campground

Technical schools are such a great option for students and can give them amazing hands-on skills to take into the workplace! Milton Hershey School has their students building a tiny home for a local campground, and maybe someday these kids can build their own tiny homes. In the video below you’ll hear from some of [...]

Folk school in Norway tiny house construction and more Fosen Folk School Norway 0012

Folk school in Norway teaches tiny house construction

This is the Fosen Folk School, an organic folk school in Norway that teaches unique and useful skills like construction. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to grow your own food, build a tiny house, learn how to build a traditional boat, and other useful skills, please continue. Students learn about self-sufficiency, organic living, [...]