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Off Grid

Former Professional Theatre People Traveling North America w: Kids in an RV 11

Family & Pets Enjoying Cross-Country Road Trip

The O’Phalen family was just going to enjoy a summer away exploring a remote part of Maine, but that led to a year staying in Airbnbs which finally led them to RV life! They contacted us to share their awesome RV conversion and tell us more about their life. Enjoy hearing from them below. Don’t [...]

Retiring to Self-Built Tumbleweed THOW (Off-Grid) 99

Off-Grid Retirement in his Self-Built Tumbleweed Tiny House

While we show off plenty of homes built in a couple of months or even a couple of years, this might be the first one we’ve featured that took a full decade from start to finish! Patrick purchased the Tumbleweed plans and the trailer nearly 10 years ago, and since he was working full-time and [...]

Family w: 3 Boys Hits the Road in DIY Skoolie 5

Family w/ 3 Boys Hits the Road in DIY Skoolie

The Reiff Family love their life on the road in their roof-raise skoolie! Joel, Carrie, and their three preteen boys left Pennsylvania to travel west after completing their $70K conversion. They’re now enjoying extensive National Parks tours and getting used to homeschooling on the road. They raised the roof in the middle of their skoolie [...]

Nauropath’s Off Grid Tiny Home in Queensland

Her Off-Grid Tiny Home in Queensland

Janelle has been working as a naturopath for the past 13 years, and while she still loved her work, she was ready for a new adventure! One thing led to another, and she found herself moving to a rural permaculture farm and setting up a mini homestead and off-grid tiny house on wheels. In order [...]

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Pioneer Tiny Homes 4

Dreamweaver Tiny House with Pioneer Layout

This custom “pioneer” layout from Indigo River Tiny Homes is called the “Dreamweaver” and it was designed for a couple who is going to travel the country and work from home. They have an impressive solar system, battery bank, and an incinerating toilet to make off-grid living possible. The layout features a ground-floor bedroom with [...]

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Amazing Two-Story Round Houseboat. 12

Amazing Two-Story Round Houseboat in France

Come on a tour of this incredible round houseboat on a lake in Joncherey, France. It’s part of a larger community of eco-friendly vacation spaces that share a lovely “lodge” on the shore with a spa and full bathrooms. The floating home itself is reminiscent of “Swiss Family Robinson” with rustic railings made from limbs [...]

Family Chooses DIY House & Off-Grid Life

Family Chooses DIY House & Off-Grid Life

Steve and Di were living in an urban apartment when Di started crunching numbers and realizing that having a child was going to make it tough to make ends meet. That’s when she and Steve decided that a DIY tiny house would give them more time with their son, less time at work, and would [...]