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Cob Homes


Off-Grid Adobe Dome Getaway with Milky Way Views

This 250 square foot adobe dome getaway in Terlingua, Texas is the perfect spot for stargazing. It’s located in one of the few remaining territories with a “dark sky” ordinance, meaning there will be no light pollution to ruin your views of the Milky Way or a lovely sunrise! The interior of the structure is [...]


Fairytale Cob Cottage with Living/Green Roof

This is a remarkable “green” cob cottage, built using many natural and reclaimed materials including straw bales, earth, clay, round timber and stone! Best part? You can rent it! Located in Moray, Scotland, you’ll feel far away from it all while staying here. The home comes equipped with a full kitchen, spacious outdoor living area, [...]


Jordana’s Straw bale and Cob Cabins in Oregon!

I love Jordana’s lifestyle because it shows that you can enjoy the benefits of alternative lifestyles without necessarily owning anything — not even a van! She and her fiance rent two fun off-grid structures: A straw bale cabin and a little cob cabin, each of which are about 220 square feet, in Southern Oregon. While [...]


Julia & John’s Solar-Powered Straw Bale Home in Central New York

Meet Julia & John and their amazing self-built solar-powered straw bale home! They live in Central New York and took on the challenge of creating their own home with 1300 square feet of living space after participating in a straw bale building workshop. While they did hire professionals for certain aspects of the build, like [...]

Teen Builds Tiny Tree Cabin For Less Than 2k via RelaxShacksDOTcom on YouTube 002

Teen Builds Tiny Tree Cabin For Less Than 2k

This is the story of Sarah’s tiny tree house cabin that she built for less than $2,000 in materials. At a first glance, you may not be able to tell very easily, but it truly is a treehouse! There are 7 living trees in and around this little cabin. Meet Sarah McClellan (daughter of Cob/Earth/Mud [...]

Sustainable Dome Home – Exploring Alternatives 1

Incredible Dome Home Built with Earth Bags

This unique dome home was built by Seb & Isa from La Nature à l’État Pur in Québec, Canada. They used earth bags to build the entire structure from the ground up. The couple learned about earth bag construction at a CalEarth workshop about their SuperAdobe building technique, and they fell in love with it. Couple [...]

Kates Cob_008

Kate’s Cob Cottage

This is Kate’s Cob. It’s a beautiful and completely custom 1200 sq. ft. cob home. It features an outdoor oven, uniquely shaped windows and doors, and so much more. Have you ever considered building a home like this? Want more kind of like this? Join our FREE Small House Newsletter! Kate’s Cob Cottage That Started Out [...]

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