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Couple’s 620 Sq. Ft. Container House in Dallas, TX

This 620 Sq. Ft. Container House in Dallas, TX is a guest post by Amber Richter – share yours! Our container house is 620 sq. ft. with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. It will be finished at the end of August! Spray foam and drywall are done. House is painted. We put the floors down [...]


He Built A $2k Military Style Teardrop Trailer

Here is a guest post by Steve Whelan on his DIY Teardrop Trailer. It took $2,000 and about 5 months to build part-time. Why build it? I was bored and needed a project! I am an artist as well, “targeting” my work as “Urban Art” with a twist. The military aspects of my work bring [...]


432 Sq. Ft. Artist Studio Yurt in Northern California

This is a guest post by Kelly Patton on her 432 sq. ft. Artist Studio Yurt in Northern California.  This yurt is comfortable rustic living, or as I call it, fancy camping. It is nestled in the woods of Northern California and it is the perfect dwelling for the nature artist and writer that lives [...]

Tropical Tiny House in California

Tropical Tiny House in California

I’m excited to share this tropical tiny house with you. I’d love living here, how about you? The private one bedroom guest house is located in Topanga Canyon, California. And it’s available to rent through Airbnb. The surrounding property is lush with greenery, secluded patio areas, hammocks and daybed. I can imagine the daybed out front [...]


Artist’s Shipping Container Home and Studio

In Savannah, GA there is an abundance of unwanted shipping containers left in the city’s port. After being used for one-way flow of consumer goods from China to America these heavy duty containers can easily be re-purposed for environmentally conscious homes. Julio Garcia, architect, decided to do just that with two 40′ shipping containers to build [...]


768 Sq. Ft. Seaside Cottage With Rejuvenating Views

Who wouldn’t love spending some time in a quaint 768 Sq. Ft. seaside cottage on the beautiful coastline of Cape Breton Island in Canada? Eagle Pass is the perfect getaway spot for anyone looking for some peace and quiet with a view. Situated on a 7-acre property, five minutes away from the Cabot Trail, Eagle [...]


600 Sq. Ft. Tye River Cabin in Washington

Designed in nature and eco friendly I’m happy to share with you the Tye River Cabin located in Skykomish, Washington. The architects, Olson Kundig, designed this cabin with large windows and glass doors for entertaining and inviting the outdoors in. I feel these features give the modern river cabin a more natural feel. The cabin is [...]