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Couple Tiny House Living

Nigel & Sue’s Van Conversion

Nigel & Sue’s Van Conversion: Exploring Australia

Like so many others, Nigel and Sue had travel plans for 2020 that were upended by lockdowns — and they shifted their focus to a van conversion! With no prior building experience, they learned how to do everything via YouTube and trial and error. But you’d really never know they were novices based on the [...]

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Single Mom Builds Off Grid Tiny House for Her and Her Daughter 4

Her Self-Built Mom and Daughter Tiny House

This single mom wanted a way to raise her daughter in their own space, and regular homeownership was out of the question financially. But a DIY tiny home? Stephanie knew she could do it if she committed herself! And she did! For the past six years, she’s been living with her daughter in their custom [...]

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London Actors’ DIY 10×30 THOW

London Actors’ DIY 10×30 Tiny House

Harrie and Joe live outside London in an incredible tiny house on wheels they built with the help of Harrie’s dad, Mick, who had just retired from carpentry a day before they presented the idea of building a tiny home on wheels! They started in September 2019 and pushed to complete the build during that [...]

Couple’s Custom Tumbleweed in a Community

Couple’s Tumbleweed Tiny House in a Colorado Community

Matheu and Taylor live in a custom Tumbleweed tiny house with their one dog, two cats, and their turtle! They have a wonderful parking spot at Island Cove Park in Durango, Colorado, which keeps them close to the city but still gives them a more affordable living situation. They had been living in a three-bedroom [...]

Their Off-Grid Tiny House & Forest School

Their Reclaim-Built Off-Grid Tiny House

You’re going to love this reclaimed-material home built by Amie and Tom. The house sits on a beautiful piece of land in Wales, where they also run a forest school where children can spend their days exploring in nature. Not only is the home entirely off-grid — with a water catchment system, composting toilet, and [...]

Couple’s DIY Shepherd’s Hut-Style Tiny Home in the UK

This Tiny House Allows her to be an Artist

Lizzie and Patrick are the proud builders and owners of The Timber Nest, their shepherds-hut-style tiny home that sits on a beautiful wooded patch of Lizzie’s parent’s backyard in England. After paying too much in rent for too long, the couple decided to move out of their basement apartment and create a gorgeous alternative living [...]

Astrologist’s $20K Short Bus w: Rooftop Deck

Astrologist’s $20K Short Bus w/ Rooftop Deck

Kelsey and Luke own almost identical dogs, although each one is a mutt! That immediately bonded the pair and after Kelsey’s car and apartment leases were up, she moved into Luke’s home — but the house seemed way too big and constricting. That led them to begin searching for a van. However, they found vans [...]

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