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Adam and Karen 2

Even though Adam and Karen don’t include themselves to be part of the tiny house “movement”, their 280 square foot cabin certainly qualifies it be featured here.

Their goal in building the home was finding the right balance between function, character and cost. Karen and Adam found the property on the way back from a friend’s wedding.

After hiking up the driveway (their car couldn’t make it), and discovering the breathtaking scenery and waterfalls, they made an offer on it 5 days later.

Adam and Karen’s Tiny Off-Grid House

Adam and Karen 2

Images © equinunkcabin.blogspot.com

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Pet Friendly Seaglass Cottage 02

What a quaint getaway cottage!  Newly renovated and offered through VRBO, this property is perfect for getting away from the hubbub of the city.  Bright and airy, with generous views and access to Flax Pond, where you’ll enjoy kayaking, swimming or fishing in its clear fresh waters.

With 2 bedrooms (each furnished with a queen size bed) and 1 1/2 baths, you can comfortably vacation with your small family or a couple of friends.  Enjoy coffee or cocktails on the sun porch, peacefully overlooking Flax Pond.  The kitchen is fully equipped with new appliances and all necessary cooking utensils.  There is even a charcoal grill so that you can cook and eat at the cottage, if you wish.  The cottage also contains a washer and dryer for your convenience.

Located in a quiet and peaceful waterside neighborhood, and surrounded by lots of trees and greenery, you will have many “important” choices to make each day:  relax in the hammock, take a hike on one of the several hiking trails, or visit one of the many beaches in Dennis and Cape Cod.

606 Sq. Ft. Little Cottage Vacation Near Cape Cod

Pet Friendly Seaglass Cottage 02

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Birds of a feather…  these four tiny house dwellers decided to “flock” together in a small community comprised of cute tiny homes!

Tony Diethelm created the Simply Home Community in Portland, Oregon. All four tiny homeowners knew each other beforehand, and Lina, who owns the Lucky Penny house in the community, helped Tony design his own tiny home.

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Friends Build DIY Tiny House Community in Portland


Images © Tiny House Giant Journey

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Lina and her cat, Raffi, are used to tiny dwellings, so they thoroughly enjoy this cozy Vardo-inspired Lucky Penny tiny house in Portland, Oregon, that Lina designed and helped build herself. The tiny home is a whopping 100.3 square feet, 14 1/2 feet long, 8 feet wide, 10 1/2 feet high. The “lucky penny” nickname comes from the fact that most of the interior and exterior are copper-colored, including the small refrigerator.

The front cedar porch folds up flat to allow transporting the home from one place to another.  As you enter the home, you will see a chest of drawers to the left, equipped with storage for jewelry, change, and receipts.  The top 3 drawers of the chest hold Lina’s wardrobe, the 4th drawer her shoes, and the bottom drawer contains Raffi’s litter box!  Lina cut a hole in the side of the bottom drawer with enough space for Raffi to squeeze in and out to do his business, while maintaining his privacy.

The open skylight running almost the entire length of the house provides more openness and brightness, allowing Lina and her kitty to enjoy the trees, birds and sunlight pouring through it.  The Tansu Japanese step chest that Lina found on Craigslist stores many items, while also allowing easy access to the upper loft where additional storage is located.

Young Lady’s Lucky Penny Tiny Home


Images © Tiny House Giant Journey

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This Santa Barbara shipping container home is built by IPME from two 40-foot shipping containers joined together. When you see what this small container-dwelling holds, I think you may be amazed.

A fully functioning kitchen allows a full-sized refrigerator, range, microwave and butcher block for added countertop space.

The living/dining room area contains a dining table that seats six, a sectional sofa, coffee table and desk.

Santa Barbara Shipping Container Home


Images © Central Studios/IPME

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Just hitch your portable tiny house to your vehicle and tow it anywhere you want to go! It’s even registered as an RV, which has its pros and cons.

Of course, the major advantage to a “mobile” home like this is that you can travel and have a place to stay. However, because of its RV status, Darren Macca and partner Ann Holley had to make some concessions with appliances and the method by which the home was built.

RV appliances are more expensive than say, similarly-sized apartment-sized appliances, but without knowing if they would always have access to a power line, they had to forgo the less expensive route. You can see some of the highlights in the video below.

Couple’s Portable Tiny House on Wheels + Airstream-like Office

Couple's Portable Tiny House + Airstream-like Office

Images © YouTube/Faircompanies

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Now this is a tiny house that really makes full use of recycled materials! Jeff and Brad used their self-taught knowledge to build two of these in Portland, Oregon.

The exterior walls are made up of tomato sauce cans from a local pizza parlor. These make the houses fire retardant, which apparently makes the local insurance companies very happy!

The window flower boxes outside are made of recycled upside-down range hoods; the porch swing is an old converted Dairy Queen plastic chair. Inside, many features are from recycled materials, too.

Mother and Son Living in 364 Sq. Ft. Tiny Home


Images © Faircompanies/YouTube

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Wow! A mere $7,000 to build a weekend getaway destination in just two weeks!? Almost unbelievable, and certainly amazing!

Tammy and John built this tiny, 180 square foot tiny cabin (with the help of a friend) to use for weekend trips with their two small children and dog. The cabin itself is obviously very small, but many features make it appear more open, such as translucent corrugated fiberglass panels and an attached deck and yard for the children and dog to play.

The plans John chose to build the cabin were actually inspired by designs for sheds! The costs were kept at a minimum, due to bargain-hunting, homemade curtains and bed linens, and even trash-can diving! I think you’ll agree that the cabin is truly a work of love and partnership!

Young Family Build $7k Tiny Cabin in 2 Weeks


Images © Tammy Everts/Apartment Therapy

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This is a modern prefab tiny home that can grow in design according to your needs.

The basic home (called the 2 PLUS Classic) is a one-bedroom, 465 square foot model, available in a choice of 2 floor plans and a number of options and finishes.

It’s great as a vacation getaway for a single person or couple. But if you wanted to it can even be your primary residence, if you enjoy the tiny house lifestyle!

There are many nooks and crannies allowing for built-in storage and more spaciousness. A feature that I find unique is that the deck can be closed to provide a secure closure for the patio doors, during times when the home is unoccupied.

This cute and cozy tiny house was designed by architect Marek Štěpán and built by Freedomky in the Czech Republic.  You may choose other styles and sizes, using the same basic design. See their website for more information on these options.

465 Sq. Ft. Freedomky Modern Prefab Tiny Home


Images © Freedomky

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