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Would you ever consider living in a 160 square foot home? It seems too small for comfort, right?  Well, one couple has been choosing to live in just that amount of space right in their own backyard!

Mike and Laura decided to build this tiny home in their backyard, renting out the main house for extra income. Yes, the home is extremely small, but every inch of space is functional. And the home is designed to appear open and roomier. They are able to comfortably cook, eat, sleep and bathe–and here’s the best part–it only takes 15 minutes to clean the entire home! It’s even got its own deck off the living area.

See how Mike and Laura enjoy everyday life, simpler and cozier in a tiny home. It may not be the choice of everyone, but it certainly works for them! Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.

Couple Living in 160 Sq. Ft. Backyard Tiny House


Images © Terry Iverson Photography via Portland Biz Journal

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Have you ever thought, “I’d like to scale down my life, live simpler, smaller”? Or maybe you have some rural land where you relax on weekends and holidays. And it wouldn’t hurt if you helped the environment as a bonus, right? Well, check out the Containers of Hope affordable housing unit, designed by architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe.

It’s hard to believe the house was constructed from two 40-foot shipping containers, connected side-by-side, split by a “hallway” with a raised ceiling. This clean and open design, along with the brightness of the home’s many windows, creates an impression of spaciousness in the small, but incredibly functional home.

Affordable? Absolutely! The original house was built in 2011 for only $40,000! You will be amazed at how functional this small “green” home can be! Please enjoy and re-share below. Thank you.

Containers of Hope Affordable Housing


Images © Andres Garcia Lachner

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