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Adorable Abode w/ Inctricate Woodwork in Canada

We see a lot of clean, crisp, “modern farmhouse” and Scandinavian-style builds, but a gingerbread/German-style home is a rare treat! This “Adorable Abode” is for sale is Brighton, Ontario, and has two upstairs bedrooms, a porch and a balcony, and tons of intricate woodwork you associate with historical homes.

You walk into the living area where there’s a propane heater to keep things cozy. A bathroom takes up the very back of the house with a composting toilet. The kitchen and bathroom areas can be completed according to the buyer’s wishes. It’s for sale for $120,000 (including transportation of up to 400 miles).

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Double Deck Tiny Home w/ Two Bedrooms

The cost for the home includes taking apart the modules and moving it up to 400 miles from Brighton, Ontario.

When you enter, it feels like a historical home!

Look at that gorgeous front door.

Feels a bit like grandma’s house when you sit at the table.

Here’s one of the upstairs bedrooms.

And the second bedroom area.

The woodwork on this wall is incredible!

VIDEO: Adorable Abode


This Adorable Abode certainly is. Intricate wood work, something to be proud of to be living in, not just like a box. Designed for single woman/moms, perhaps with a child or two. Two full storeys, upstairs full standing height, access outside to not waste space inside with stairs,
1 1/2 bedrooms. Built in super insulated SIPS construction, size 325 sqft, Vent free propane heater.
Could be installed off grid, wired 12 V as well as 120 V.

9×16 + 6×8 bath, +upstairs. Handcrafted, well insulated entry doors. Roof metal shingles Italian style. Inside finished, except bath and kitchen, could be finished once details of purchaser’s wants are known. The abode is considered a small house on fixed foundation. $ 120,000 + tx.

Note: The abode is located in Ontario, Canada. The price includes taking apart of the 5 modules, the transportation from my place 400 miles (if more, extra $$$) by flatbed transport truck. It also includes the duty and fees for import into the States. You provide the land and services, as well as the set-up. We could assist with overseeing the set-up process, if so required. For viewing and/or more details, contact Ralph at 613 970-1245

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