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592 Sq. Ft. Clifftop Cabin with View

About three years ago we shared this clifftop cabin with you. I ran into it and I thought it would be worth sharing with you again.

Here is a 592 sq. ft. clifftop cabin with expansive views of the Pacific Ocean in Chile. Imagine sitting on that balcony gazing out into the distance.

Definitely a spot you can become one with nature and realize how small you are compared to the big ocean out there.

This lovely small cabin is equipped with two smaller spaces, one for social gathering and the other has one bedroom and bathroom. Connected by a large deck in the middle.

Please enjoy the photos below.

592 Sq. Ft. Clifftop Cabin with View


Images © Carlos Ferrer

592-Sq-Ft-Clifftop-Cabin-View-002 592-Sq-Ft-Clifftop-Cabin-View-003 592-Sq-Ft-Clifftop-Cabin-View-004 592-Sq-Ft-Clifftop-Cabin-View-005 592-Sq-Ft-Clifftop-Cabin-View-006 592-Sq-Ft-Clifftop-Cabin-View-007 592-Sq-Ft-Clifftop-Cabin-View-008 592-Sq-Ft-Clifftop-Cabin-View-009 592-Sq-Ft-Clifftop-Cabin-View-010

Images © Carlos Ferrer


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  • Avatar Steve

    glad you reintroduced this cabin. incredible views! what a treat to wake up to coffee on that deck. love the decor, the raw wood yielding to the natural rock, yielding to the sea. precious touch of red on the legs of the kitchen chairs makes the chairs feel special enough to encourage you to set down for awhile. peaceful stature adjustment, i’m small the world is big and it doesn’t orbit around me. thx for the peek.

    • Avatar Alex

      Well said Steve! I agree.. What an amazing place to sit and just contemplate and remember who “small” we all are (and how small our problems really are too) in retrospect. Thanks!

  • Avatar Cynthia Taylor

    Is this in Big Sur? Hard to tell.

    • Avatar Kathleen-Florida

      Cynthia, Usually of you read the short and enjoyable article it will tell you where the house is located, and this article does. In sentence 3. The house is in Chile, not in the U.S. — Hope this helps.

    • Avatar Doris

      Kathleen — As a former school teacher, that has to be my pet peeve on this site. Only one out of twenty-five people appear to read the articles. Perhaps because the pictures are so delicious??? 🙂

    • Avatar Kathleen-Florida

      Doris: You are CORRECT! The pictures entice. However if one wanted to know the locale enough to ask in a comment, don’t you think that one might have checked (or even rechecked) the text first ? — Likely that is what you would have recommended to your former students, n’est-ce pas? :o)

  • WOW, wonderful view. What would be the selling price for something like this??

  • Avatar SteveDenver

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing again, I wasn’t part of the THT network before this year and am so glad to see this paradise!

  • Avatar Rich

    lifts the spirit. not for every climate…. in Chile I think?

  • No rails! As much as I teeter around, jump around, run around — I’d have to have a rail,,, plus wind, rain, inclimate weather and you have to bring groceries home and a gust of wind…. well, you see what i mean… BUT OUTSIDE OF THAT… I loved this home. So well done and classy. Really nice.

    • Avatar Kathleen-Florida

      Isabel – the no rails freaked me out too. I was concerned for the sleeping dog :o) — I can only guess that children are NOT frequent guests of this cabin.

  • Avatar José Labarca

    Where in Chile is it located ? Do you know the ñame of the town it is nesr ? Im from Chile

  • Avatar Russ

    Like this!

  • Avatar Kathleen-Florida

    I am concur with SteveDenver Andrea. I also was not a subscriber 3 years ago so thanks for posting this again. It’s lovely. <3

  • Avatar Edna

    In this cliffs de house, what kind of heater/stove is the black stand alone? Used for heat? Cooking? Love the look.

  • Avatar Lorraine

    I did see these photographs the first time. My heart stopped then and does now. This is the best best best ever. I love my 5 acres in the mountains but this….

    Did someone mention text? Oh.

  • Avatar Mark

    .. Just Awesome .. 😎

  • Avatar vee

    Lovely, just lovely! would have liked to see more…..

  • Avatar Michael

    Now there’s someone who appreciates the value of a really nice sunset

  • Avatar Patty

    This is wonderful!

  • Avatar Susanne

    Hey Lorraine-I thought the water looked lovely but since it IS just water (and humid, smelly???) I would take your 5 acres in the mountains over that any day!!!! Much more interesting in the mountains. 🙂

  • Avatar William hunt

    small cabin that are open to the outside do not feel small because the world is out your doors….living simple never gets old you’re enjoying everything around you and can concentrate on what you haven’t discovered…

  • Avatar Livia Holloway

    I dream of living here with my Sweetheart and our dog! Ahhh..to be an introvert! Heaven!

  • Avatar Maria

    I’m scared of heights but its beautiful.

  • Avatar Charles Alvey

    Cool place to sit watching a Pacific storm come rolling in with the wind and waves.

  • Avatar Jose Labarca

    Alex, I wrote a couple of days ago, and you did not answer my question. Im interested in building the cliff house cabin in Chile. I own some land on the coast of Chile. I need the name of the architects and name of the builders can you help me with that information ? If you cant, please say so

    but at least give me an answer


    Jose Labarca

    • Avatar Joshua

      The Architect’s name is right at the end of the article. Where it says “Resources”. You sound mean and shitty.

  • Avatar Harold Cinquigranno

    How much did it cost to build this house? I want it.

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